About Reunify Gally

ReunifyGally is no longer my primary blog. Most of the time and energy I have available to invest in blogging I now spend on my other blog, We Can Do, which focuses on people with disabilities (and Deaf people) in developing countries, with an emphasis on human rights issues and economic and social development (poverty reduction, etc.).

These days, I use this blog primarily as a place where I can post things that don’t fit in at my primary blog. For example, if I see an on-line video that amuses me, I might post a link to it. Or if I feel like saying a few words in support of policies (or politicians) I favor, I might use this blog as a platform for doing that.

For example, I want to see more countries ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). If something comes up related to the CRPD in developing countries, I’ll most likely post it at We Can Do. Or if it relates to the CRPD in general (whether in developing countries or elsewhere) then I might post it at RatifyNow.org, where I occasionally help with their blog.

But sometimes I want to target Deaf readers, on the CRPD or on other topics. Or sometimes I want to express my opinions more strongly than I usually allow myself to do at We Can Do or RatifyNow. When that happens, I might post something here instead. (I do express my opinions at We Can Do, but in most posts I try to be more low-key and more factual because We Can Do is primarily meant to be an information and resource sharing service, with only a relatively light touch of advocacy. I only rarely post straight opinion pieces at We Can Do. Mostly I post announcements, news items, press releases, and links to resources and toolkits that might benefit people in my target audience.)

For a while in 2007, I did a lot of blogging at ReunifyGally about the Americans with Disabilities Restoration Act. And before that, I had originally intended for this blog to focus on promoting healing within the broader (on campus/off campus) Gallaudet University community following the contentious protests in the fall of 2006. (Hence the name: Reunify Gally) But I probably won’t have time or energy to return to either of these issues in a substantive way.

Why Keep the Old Name?
If the name of this blog (ReunifyGally — i.e., Reunify Gallaudet) is no longer appropos, then why don’t I change it? Because I’m not aware of a way that I can change the name without also changing the address of the blog. And the only way to change the address or name of a wordpress.com blog is to delete the entire blog and start a new one from scratch.

In other words, once you start a blog at wordpress.com, then either you keep on with that blog under the name you started with, or you delete it and start over. You can’t play around with the name after you’ve created the blog. Maybe other blogging platforms work differently. Or maybe it works differently for people with the technical skills to host their own blog on their own server. I don’t know. But that’s how it is if you run a blog hosted at wordpress.com

It’s possible that at some point I’ll go through my posts and weed out some of the old ones that I don’t like any more, or that just aren’t timely any more. But I hate to ditch all the old posts just because the name isn’t quite right any more. And I don’t have time or energy right now to try figuring out how to transfer posts to a new blog site, especially since I would first want to re-read each post to decide whether it’s even worth the bother of transferring.

This blog will never be a busy site. If you want busy, check out the blog to which I’m more seriously devoted. I’ll probably always blog too sporadically, on too many different topics, to ever have a consistent thematic focus (except, possibly, the CRPD, or disability rights generally). But I hope you enjoy the few occasional things I do offer here.

And, yes, ReunifyGally is fed to DeafRead.com — they don’t always pick up everything, but they pick up some things.

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[…] 2. You may want to start by looking about the “about Reunify Gally” page to be sure you understand the purpose of this blog before submitting your essay. (Go to https://reunifygally.wordpress.com/about/) […]

Will someone please explain to me, as a qualified individual with or perceived as having vision and other disabilities, why the ADA Restoration Act as introduced in both houses does not address the contention of Texas Attorney general Greg Abbott, whose campaign and official Web sites feature him in his wheelchair and his alleged and purported support for the ADA and Texas’ Disability Committee, and others, adopted in some courts, that, even after Tennessee v. Lane, Title II of the ADA dealing with state governmental entities violates the eleventh Amendment and common law comity and sovereign and official immunity, notwithstanding the Fourteenth Amednment and Sec. 5 thereof adopted later, and is unconstitutioanl and void? While we’re at it, why is not Garrett v. Trustees of Univ. of Alabama, which efectively gutted much of Title I, included in the list of cases the bill is intended to overrule? These are of great importance to me personally. One Texas federal case found that anyone who has ever either (a) had, OR (b) been diagnosed with, OR (c) been treate for, a list of actual or alleged mental disorders, constitutes substantial evidence of permanent disqualification from the practice of law, and that even ten years without a problem is no evidence to the contrary as a matter of law. Now think! Who is “treated for” something with which they were not “diagnosed,” much less did not “have”? and what woudl that prove except malpractice?

I can’t afford hte commercial reporters and am having trouble tracking cases of which I have read.

By the way, does anybody have easy access to a list of House and Senate members who voted for, and against, the original ADA?

I need some legla help and expert testimony on some legal ehtics issues and nobody here will touch this .

I’m starting a blog, currently on BlogSpot, and will be posting re ADA and ADA Restoration Act, etc., but I’m new to blogging. Should I post on my own blog, on another blog or blogs–and which?, or both?

Mr. Chamberlain…. errr…. what?

Can you summarize in two or three short sentences your concern? Then go into it?

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