Protesting Jerry Lewis’ Humanitarian Award

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that it will award Jerry Lewis the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the upcoming Oscar award ceremony. Please join disabled people and our allies in protesting this.

Jerry Lewis’s MDA Telethon, rather than working for equality and social inclusion of disabled people, portrays us as hopeless, pathetic, eternal children. Lewis has said, “My kids cannot go into the workplace. There’s nothing they can do.” He has said that a disabled individual is “half a person,” and [If] you don’t want to be pitied because you’re a cripple in a wheelchair, stay in your house!” His telethon reinforces the notion that cure and prevention are what disabled people need, not social change. The LBGT community has protested Lewis’s numerous anti-gay slurs–recently, he referred to cricket as “fag baseball.” Lewis has also stated that he doesn’t like women comedians because he thinks of a woman as “a producing machine that bring babies into the world.” These statements are de-humanizing; the one who uttered them should hardly be given a humanitarian award.

Please sign a petition protesting this at:Jerry Lewis Protest and please forward this email to others. It has been less than a week since we put this petition online, and it has already gathered more than 1900 signatures–including that of Princeton University bioethicist Peter Singer!

Thank you!

Anne Finger

You can also join a Facebook group devoted to protests against Jerry’s award. Also read what is being said by other Bloggers Protesting Pity. Or write a letter directly to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

I first found this email from Anne Finger at Planet of the Blind.

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Dogs, too, support the ADA Restoration Act!

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Support for the ADA Restoration Act is growing–among dogs! (See below for details!) But Deaf humans (and American humans with disabilities in general) are still needed to help advocate for the ADA Restoration Act. Follow the links to the latest posts from the ADA Restoration blog below to learn how you can get involved. I also encourage readers to check out the post entitled “An Argument Against Lifeboats” by planet of the blind.

If you’re not sure what the ADA Restoration Act is, or why all Deaf people (and disabled people) in the United States should be supporting it, scroll down to the bottom of this post to see some links to helpful informational resources around the web. Some of these links can also help you become involved, for example by writing to your legislators.

House Hearing Scheduled for Next Wednesday! Jan 9 ’08; the ADA Restoration blog reports that the Education and Labor Committee in the House of Representatives will be holding a hearing on the ADA Restoration Act next Wednesday, January 16, 2008. Readers are encouraged to do two things: 1. If you can, please do attend the hearing to show your support; 2. Please contact members of the Education and Labor Committee to encourage them to attend.

ADA Restoration Jan 7 ’08. Dogs, too, now support the ADA Restoration Act! Yes, really! Ida, a black German Shepard dog, plans to provide some links to information on the Restoration Act. Possibly the dog may be receiving some minor assistance from her caretaker, who has been disabled all her life. But who cares? It’s a dog! Blogging on the web! 🙂

Grassroots Hard at Work on ADA Restoration Jan 7 ’08; the ADA Restoration blog reports that the Freedom Center for Independent Living has held gatherings in three cities in North Dakota and Minnesota to tell people about the ADA Restoration Act and to encourage them to write letters of support to their Senators. As a result, about 80 to 100 people have written letters. Also, several area newspapers published a letter to the editor on the topic.

Congress Fast Trakcs Dramatic Expansion of ADA Jan 3 ’08; angiestrunkspeaks summarizes some of the arguments that have been put forth by both supporters and opponents of the ADA Restoration Act.

The Argument Against Lifeboats Dec 30 ’07, at Planet of the Blind. What do lifeboats have to do with people with disabilities and the ADA Restoration Act? Read and find out—an interesting essay worth checking out.

ADA Restoration ActDec 29 ’07; this new blogger on service dogs encourages readers to find out who their congressional representatives are and ask them to support the ADA Restoration Act. The author said he/she was going to look up if there’s an easy tool for identifying who your legislators are. There is; and the same tool will also make it easy for you to contact your legislators on this issue as well: go to and follow the instructions there.

PLEASE make an ASL vlog (or a written blog, if you like) on the ADA Restoration Act! If you do, I’d be delighted to link to you!

CCD has compiled an excellent collection of materials on the ADA and on the ADA Restoration Act of 2007, so it’s well worth following their link to If you’re still new to the subject, this can help you understand why the ADA Restoration Act is critical to pass and why we should all be involved.

See my continually-updated list of blog entries from all over the web about the ADA Restoration Act of 2007, always available from the top navigation bar at “On the ADA Restoration Act.”

See examples of specific court cases that have served to undermine the spirit and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act: click on “ADA Court Cases” under “categories” in the right-hand navigation bar. I still have two more ADA Court Cases in the coming few weeks.

Also, don’t miss these links: One group of activists has posted a short list of simple ideas of things you can do to help get the Restoration Act passed. And do check out the ADA Restoration Blog for updates. Or browse through background information on the ADA Restoration Act. Or contact your legislators. It is particularly important to write letters to your senators.

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