Lend YOUR Face to Support the US CRPD Ratification Effort!

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What is the CRPD?

CRPD stands for Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the first international treaty to address the human rights needs of people with disabilities.  We lost the first CRPD vote in 2012 because the opposition spread lies and misinformation.  Don’t let us lose again in 2014.  Senator Reid could schedule a new floor vote on the CRPD at any time that the Senate is in session.

First, Tell both of your senators that you want them to ratify the CRPD.  

The second thing you can do is: Lend your face!

How Do I “Lend My Face”?

  • Catch the attention of senators with a picture of YOU!  Pose for the picture with your own homemade sign supporting the CRPD.  Your sign can briefly explain why the CRPD matters to you.
  • Email your picture to Andrea Shettle at USICD (ashettle@usicd.org) and she can Tweet it for you.  Tell Andrea what state you are from so she knows which Senators to address for you!
  • Or if you prefer to Tweet or Facebook the picture yourself:
    • Use the hash tag #CRPD in your message
    • Use the message to ask your followers to take action to support the “Disability Treaty” at http://disabilitytreaty.org!
    • Address the message to your Senators! Find their Twitter handle and Facebook page at http://bit.ly/ReachSenators
    • Need ideas for a message to accompany your picture?  Click on some of the pictures below to see what message people tweeted with their picture!  Always include the #CRPD hash tag AND the http://disabilitytreaty.org web link.  

Find more ideas for how to help in the Disability Treaty Action Handout.

Via @SenatorHarkin with other senators supporting CRPD 3Dec'12Yoshiko Rhonda Jesse & othersRachael Patterson @racheljpat.jpg-largeSen Reid staff watch Sen Harkin support CRPDPix via @TheRAC students lobbying Sen Franklin staff re CRPD 10Dec'12Harkin with the gangCRPD Supporters visit Sen Heller via @kmusheno Kim MushenoCRPD pix from @Jawonio 27Nov'12AAPD tweets pix of bipartisan support of CRPD press confWoman at Gallaudet holds orange sign saying "Give back our independence" asking senators to ratify CRPD  A man at Gallaudet holds a purple sign and an orange sign, both asking senators to vote yes on the CRPD   Five   A picture of a woman in an orange shirt holding a sign that says "Ratify the CRPD in the 112th!"   A woman at the Gallaudet University student center holds an orange sign that says "I support CRPD!" while making the ASL sign for "I love you"   A picture of an infant near a window playing. Black text overlays the picture with a letter to the two senators of Minnesota urging them to ratify the CRPD.  Man at Gallaudet holding a green sign that says "I support CRPD, Ratify this!"   A Deaf woman at Gallaudet holds an orange sign saying "Please support CRPD!"     A picture of a man and a woman holding a sign telling senators that parents of children with disabilities support the CRPD  A man at Gallaudet University holds a blue sign asking senators to ratify the CRPD   Representatives of USICD, NFB, and DREDF post with six signs that, together, say "Vote Yes CRPD"   A man at Gallaudet University holds a purple sign asking Senator Robert to vote yes on the CRPD  A seated woman smiles at camera while displaying four signs that together say "CRPD" (she holds two signs up while the other two rest on her legs)    A woman in a yellow shirt holds a green sign that says "I support CRPD Ratify this!"   A woman holds up a printed sign saying, "Simple explanation: Disability rights = human rights! I SUPPORT the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities #CRPD"!  Picture of a woman with crutches holding a sign asking her two senators in Maryland to ratify the CRPD     Woman stands at a table with literature on the CRPD and a sign saying "Be a Hero! Support CRPD Ratification!"  Four pictures of a woman posing with a sign asking senators to support the CRPD--in each picture she finger spells one of the letters in the acronym CRPD Picture of a woman with a sign written in both English and drawings of ASL signs asking senators to support human rights and CRPD ratification  A picture of 17 people (and two service dogs) posing in front of a brick building.  Four signs put together say "CRPD", and there is also a blue sign that says "VCIL supports ratification of the CRPD"   A woman holds an orange sign that says "Lets lead the world in important human rights issues! Ratify the CRPD!"   Picture of a woman holding a sign that says "Pass the CRPD"   Woman holding a sign that says "@Senate_GOPs & @SenateDems: Listen up! This #Deaf American wants the US to ratify the CRPD in 2012!"

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