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A growing number of bloggers have been joining the protest against Jerry Lewis’ humanitarian award. If you didn’t already know, Jerry is receiving a humanitarian award for his work in fueling pity against people with disabilities–pity that has undermined progress toward social equity and human rights. (Of course, what they say is that the award is for his work in raising money for charity. But it works out to the same thing.) Read and sign the petition at, or join the Facebook Group coordinating protests against his undeserved award at Follow the various links below to see what other bloggers have said about Jerry’s award. The oldest links are at the bottom, and the newest are at the top.
Here at ReunifyGally, I discuss the difference between “pity” and “empathy” and why pity is always harmful whereas empathy is not. Links to the petition campaign.
The Media dis&dat blog has come out in support of the petition. Explains how Jerry has been consistently derogatory, not only toward people with disabilities, but also gay people and women.
Author Dora Raymaker appeals to people on the Autism spectrum to support the petition campaign also.
Written before the petition was available, DAWG Oregon protests Jerry’s award.
“Bad Cripple” writes about how Jerry’s pity undermines the search for social equality.
It’s worth checking Patricia E Bauer’s post for its multiple links to more articles on why people with disabilities have been so consistently enraged toward Jerry and the manner in which he fuels pitying attitudes toward people with disabilities.
This is the earliest blog post I could find on this topic. Not surprisingly, its author, Laura Hershey, is the woman who created the Facebook group dedicated to protesting Jerry’s award.

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Cell Phone Companies Should Accommodate Deaf People with Data-Only Plans!

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Cell Phone Companies Should Accommodate Deaf People with Data-Only Plans!

Fed up with being forced to pay for voice call services that we deaf people cannot use? Or, fed up with being limited to only one or two cell phone companies (Tmobile) that even offer a data-only plan? Fed up with the fact that deaf people usually have to pay more for a data-only plan than hearing people do for a voice-only plan — even though our data-only plan is the functional equivalent?

If this is you, then read on:

Jeffery Stroud recently left the following comment in another post at this blog

I’ve set up a (currently small and inactive) group on facebook called “Support Deaf accomodation by Cell Phone Company”. I’m not too sure what the ADA would say about cell phone companies not providing a data-only plan for all of their data-accessible phones for the deafs. That what I intend to find out. (I’m just quite a bit busy right now getting ready to move though so right now I’m just letting peoples knows about this group)

Go check out the new facebook group.

It is pretty easy to register for Facebook if you haven’t done that before. Once you register, you would be able to view the “Support Deaf accomodation by Cell Phone Company” group in Facebook and also join this group. It’s small (with only 30 members so far), but if you alert your friends in the deaf community, or re-post this announcement at your own blog, then it could grow quickly. Group members could then work together to fight for a wider range of choices of cell phone companies for deaf customers.

Thank you to Jeffery Stroud for leaving his comment at my blog.

Help Jeffery Stroud spread the word: link to the new Facebook group from your blog, too; or alert your friends via email.

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