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In addition to writing the occasional blog post of my own about the ADA Restoration Act for the Deaf community, I also keep a running list of blog posts by other authors (both deaf and hearing) from around the web:

I’ve been doing this partly to help encourage more bloggers to write about the ADA Restoration Act. If YOU have been thinking about blogging or vlogging the Restoration Act but aren’t sure where to start, please do browse some of the things other people have written for inspiration and ideas. If you do write or vlog something, please let me know so I can link to you.

You can always reach it by clicking on “On the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 in the top navigation bar from any page at ReunifyGally.

So far, that’s not new. What is new is the following:

1. Most importantly, I’ve made it a little easier to navigate. When you land on the On the ADA Restoration Act page, the first thing you will see at the very top are links that can take you directly to all the blog posts listed for February 2008. Or for October 2007 if you like. Or any other available month. The point is, you can now more easily skip over the introductory text to go straight to the blog post listings. And if you want to explore links to older blog posts, you can now do that without needing to scroll up and down what has now become a VERY long page.

At the end of each month’s listing of blog posts, there is another link that takes you back to the top of the page.

If you have any further ideas for how I can make the ongoing list of ADA Restoration blog posts more reader-friendly and helpful for you, please let me know.

2. I’ve now cleaned it up. When I started the running list of links to blog posts on the ADA Restoration Act, I said I would include ReunifyGally posts among them. But for the past few months I had not been keeping up with my own posts! I have now caught up on all of these, up through the one I posted earlier this evening entitled Unfair Precedent Ties Hands of Sympathetic Court: Why McMullin’s Case Highlights Need for ADA Restoration Act.

Also, even when I did link to my own blog posts, I was linking to both my own original posts and also the posts that were basically just catching readers up with the most recent blogging activity on the topic. I decided that it would be redundant to the latter because all of those posts were ALSO listed in the running list of blog posts. So I deleted all of those from the listing.

PLEASE make an ASL vlog (or a written blog, if you like) on the ADA Restoration Act! If you do, I’d be delighted to link to you!

CCD has compiled an excellent collection of materials on the ADA and on the ADA Restoration Act of 2007, so it’s well worth following their link to If you’re still new to the subject, this can help you understand why the ADA Restoration Act is critical to pass and why we should all be involved.

See my continually-updated list of blog entries from all over the web about the ADA Restoration Act of 2007, always available from the top navigation bar at “On the ADA Restoration Act.”

See eight examples of specific court cases that have served to undermine the spirit and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act: click on “ADA Court Cases” under “categories” in the right-hand navigation bar.

Also, don’t miss these links: One group of activists has posted a short list of simple ideas of things you can do to help get the Restoration Act passed. And do check out the ADA Restoration Blog for updates. Or browse through background information on the ADA Restoration Act. Or contact your legislators. It is particularly important to write letters to your senators.

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