Five Ways to Support the CRPD Ratification Campaign!

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UPDATE: Yes, the fight is still on to ratify the CRPD in 2013!

1. Educate yourself about the CRPD!

  • The acronym CRPD stands for “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”. It is an international treaty defending the human rights of people with disabilities ratified by 127 countries—but not the US.  We’re working to fix that!
  • Learn the basics via a FAQ on the CRPD and this video (yes, with subtitles).  For more intensive learning, find more CRPD resources 
  • Keep up with the news at USICD’s CRPD updates page Follow @USICD in Twitter  and in Facebook
  • If you are a college or university student, follow @AdvocatEquality in twitter and visit Students4CRPD.

2. Talk to Senators!

  • Sign on to the open letter from individual citizens to US senators!
  • Visit to find the website for each of your two senators. The website will have their contact information.  Email them, call them, tweet them, or leave messages at their Facebook page!  In twitter, use the hashtag #CRPD
  • Your message for senators: “I am a person with disabilities–please ratify the CRPD in 2012! This is an important issue for the disability community!”  If desired, you can say what your disabilities are.  Or say that you know someone with disabilities, or that you are a US veteran, etc.  Visit USICD’s website for more sample CRPD messages for senators.

3. Lend your Face!

  • Let senators see the many faces of people who support the CRPD!  Take a picture of you holding your own homemade sign supporting the CRPD.  Individuals, couples, or groups are all welcome!  Look at more pictures for ideas.
  • You can make your sign with poster board or a blank piece of paper. Use magic markers, or your printer.
  • Send the picture to Susie Richard at USICD for their growing collection!  Ask your friends and relatives to contribute pictures also!
  • If you have Twitter, you can tweet pictures to senators with the #CRPD hashtag.

Picture of a woman holding a handmade sign with "CRPD" and "support" written and drawn in American Sign Language, the phrase "human rights" and a drawing of the globe  Picture of an older man and woman holding a sign printed from a computer saying "parents of children with disabilities support US ratification of the CRPD"  Picture of 17 people at the Vermont Center for Independent Living holding signs that together say "CRPD"  A woman seated in a wheelchair poses with four papers that together say "CRPD" (holds C and R in her hands, rests P and D on her legs)

4. Recruit your Friends and Family!

  • Educate your friends and family about the CRPD.  Ask them to call, email, or tweet their senators–and contribute pictures!
  • Follow @USICD in Twitter and re-tweet them often.  “Share” the USICD Facebook page with your friends.  Link to this post from your blog or website.
  • Are you a university student or faculty member? Consider creating a chapter of  Students4CRPD on YOUR campus!

5. What Can YOUR Organization Do?


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