BBC Ouch Holiday Gathering 2009/2010

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Greetings to all “refugees” from the BBC Ouch discussion boards.

It has just now been announced that BBC Ouch will close down for part of the holidays, specifically:

6pm on Thursday 24th December to 9am Sunday 27th December
6pm on Wednesday 31st December to 9am Friday 2nd January

So where can BBC Ouch people “meet” on line, either to chat on disability topics or simply to seek out support if they are feeling “down” during the holidays?

One location is right here. Simply scroll down this screen to read comments that other people may have left here, or to leave your own comments. If you are new to wordpress blogs, then note that each time you leave a comment you will need to type in some kind of screen name for yourself (it does not have to be your real name) and you will also need to enter an email address for yourself. Unless you have the ability to log into a WordPress account, there is no automated way to avoid typing in your screen name and email address each time.

Personally I don’t care if you use your real email or not. However, if you want the wordpress system to send you automated notices for each new comment added to this thread then you would want to use an actual address. You may leave the website line blank if you wish.

Last year, several people seemed content to use this page as their alternative to BBC Ouch during the holidays. You are welcome to do so again this year!

But if you don’t like the set up here for whatever reason, then where else can you go?

ADDENDUM: HossyLass has indicated that people may gather at the UK Disability Union Board at

If this year works out like it did last year, then there may be two more alternatives:

The Ouch Facebook Group at

The other is “Out of Hours” at

Of the three options, I believe that the one that is most friendly for people who use screen readers is probably this one right here. But if you don’t use a screen reader (or even if you do, I could be mistaken) there’s no reason why you can’t browse among all three places during the holidays.

If you are curious to read last year’s “BBC Ouch Holiday Gathering” then follow the link.


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7 Responses to “BBC Ouch Holiday Gathering 2009/2010”

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Welcome, everyone, to one of several alternate sites that BBC Ouchers can use while the BBC Ouch Board is down for the holidays!

This page is meant to be used while the ouch board is closed. But you are welcome to leave a preliminary “test” message before official activity begins. You do need to type your screen name and an email address each time you leave a comment. I won’t be offended if you use a fake email address (though I am the only person who would see whatever email address you leave). The main reason to use a real email address is if you wish to sign up to receive an automated email notification each time someone else leaves a comment at this page.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy using this space during the holidays!

Hi everyone,

We also will be open at;

Its the usual miscreants, so dont expect anything less than mayhem.
Alcohol and rude jokes are fine, as are rubbish jokes and tee-totallers.

Dont limit yourselves, get involved in what is looking like being fun across a few sites.

Thank you, Hossylass! I have now incorporated this URL into the post above.

Anyone else here yet?

I will try to check in once in a while in between activities with my family

What are people doing while the ouch boards are closed down? Special dinner for my family dec 24, presents am of 25th

Hi MistyGreenMountain & anyone else reading – hope all Ouchers are having either a fun day or a peaceful one, according to what they like. See you all back at Ouch on Sunday.

Hi all, hope everyone’s ok.

Just popping in to wish everyone a happy holiday!

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