Preventing Forced Sterlization in Illinois: Petition Drive

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Dear advocates,

We women with disabilities advocates with the group FRIDA in the state of Illinois, USA, need your help to pass a law that would protect people with disabilities against sterilization without their consent. In our state, we have no law that protects a person with a disability against a guardian who wants to sterilize them against their will. We are trying to pass a bill called HB 2290 that would create a legal process where guardians must get a court order
approving any sterilization. The court must investigate whether the person with a disability agrees or disagrees with the sterilization.

If the person is not able to express their wish, then the court must appoint someone to look after their interest and advocate for the rights of the person with the disability. This would help prevent cases like Ashley X and other violations of bodily integrity without consent.

Please help us by signing a petition to support this bill by March 11. The online petition is at Read on for more information and thank you for your support!


Help us pass HB 2290 in Illinois! This bill will provide legal protections against forced sterilization of people with disabilities under guardianship. Here is an easy way to show you care.

If you support ending involuntary sterilization in Illinois by passing HB 2290, please sign the FRIDA petition at We will pass this petition to the Illinois state legislature!

What Has Been Happening without HB 2290
– One guardian (the mother of the ward) did not seek the
court’s authority to consent to her daughter’s involuntary
sterilization. The intent of the guardian to have the woman sterilized was discovered when her father received notice that his insurance policy would not cover such a procedure. The father then interceded on his daughter’s behalf.

– The guardian of a young woman with a traumatic brain injury filed a petition to have her involuntarily sterilized. The woman had no knowledge of the pending petition, even though she had been using different kinds of contraception successfully for years, and expressed the desire to get married and raise a family one day.

For more information, please visit If you live in Illinois, please call your Illinois state representative and ask them to support HB 2290 today! If you call, here is what you can say:

Hello Representative __________, I would like to ask you to sponsor House Bill 2290. This bill helps create a legal process that would protect people with disabilities who have guardians from being sterilized against their will. I believe that sterilizing people without their consent is a violation of their human rights. I would like the House Judiciary Committee to approve this bill as soon as possible so it can come up for a vote. Thank you!

Please sign our petition and call your state representative (if you live in Illinois) today!

Feminist Response in Disability Activism (FRIDA)


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4 Responses to “Preventing Forced Sterlization in Illinois: Petition Drive”

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Good citizenry for bringing up this issue to our attention.

Robert L. Mason

Forced sterilization is itself, of course, a profound violation of human rights.

But to compound that: sometimes one argument that some caretakers use for why they want to force sterilization on some women with disabilities is because they see it as a way to prevent the pregnancy that might result when they are raped. They know that women with disabilities (especially women with intellectual disabilities, or with speech or language related disabilities) are at higher risk of rape–but instead of talking about how to create an environment that prevents sexual abuse from happening in the first place, they decide to prevent the resulting pregnancy by sterilizing the women without their consent.


Yep about such illogical method to get rid of undesirable human beings in name of human superiority.

Many mentally ill people produce great human beings no matter their parents’ mental capacity, etc.


The insanity of bringing people into the world at taxpayer’s expense, like Miss. Octuplets, breeds the unfortunate zeal to control population growth in this manner.

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