NOT MY SCAM. Thank you.

Posted on 29 January 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

It has just come to my attention that someone has been perpetuating a scam against Deaf people using text that they plagiarized from one of my own blog posts.

The scam lies to Deaf people by claiming to be able to give them $50,000 to start their own business.  But in order to “claim” the money, they ask you to share personal details such as your address, phone number, SSI information, and so forth.  In other words, information that they could possibly use to steal from you later, or manipulate you into paying so-called “fees.”  (See scam text at the Deaf Anthology blog.)

The scam is annoying enough.  I would hope that in this day and age people should be intelligent enough to know NEVER to share contact information, social security numbers, or other personal details with strangers on the Internet who pretend to have money to offer.  But the fact that the person perpetuating this scam stole some of MY OWN WORDS for their own illegal and unethical purposes makes me furious and disgusted.

If anyone had received this scam letter, and was thinking of responding to it in the hope that maybe just this once an offer “too good to be true” might actually be real … then please compare the text in the scam against the REAL original text.  I hope that comparison will remove any and all doubt that, NO, this supposed offer of $50,000 is NOT legitimate.  (Notice for one thing, that it is not mentioned in the original version of the text!)

Compare the text of the scam:

Against the text that the thief plagiarized from:

This has been an eye-opening experience for me.  I had never really thought about how the people who operate phishing scams generate their text.  But maybe it shouldn’t surprise me that the kind of person who has no compunctions about using other people’s own hopes and aspirations (and  greed) against them would also have no compunctions about stealing an innocent person’s text to further their own selfish, illegal ends.

Incidentally: the intent of my original text had NOTHING to do with making false promises to people about giving them money.  The purpose was to encourage people to contact Obama’s administration to make sure they know that the world is watching for them to follow through on their important promises to Deaf people and people with disabilities.  If that’s all you want to do, then you will want to contact either the White House (  or the White House Office of Public Liaison ( The Office of Public Liaison is, in their own words, “the front door to the White House through which everyone can participate and inform the work of the President.”

And, no, you don’t have to share the details about your SSI payments or your social security number to communicate with Obama’s administration.


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6 Responses to “NOT MY SCAM. Thank you.”

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I’m not sure if contacting the White House is appropriate for this situation.

I believe the FBI would be a better choice.

Thanks for leaving your comment at my blog.

Just to clarify: the original point of my encouraging people to contact the White House had nothing to do with the scam (the scam came LATER). The original point was simply to encourage people to remind Obama about the campaign promises he made to Deaf people and people with disabilities and urge him to follow through on them. NOT in relation to the scam at all.

But maybe you’re right that the scam should be sent to the FBI. Unfortunately I know they would want to see the full email header, which I don’t have because it wasn’t sent to me. Maybe I’ll try asking the blogger who had posted it.

Ah sorry. I missed that. I was reading the whole post in the same vein and didn’t realize until your comment that it’s separate.

THanks for clarifying and letting us know about this scam.

It’s appreciated! mwahs!

This doesn’t surprise me. Scammers have the ability to learn from experience and those who have successfully stolen from deaf people watch internet publications about deaf people to find out more information.

They have learned to take advantage of us and to use our weaknesses against us. The best thing to do is NEVER GIVE ANYONE ANY INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET and to warn our deaf friends and associates about this.

I think Deaf Anthology is a satire site…don’t think he meant to really use your text as an actual scam. Kinda like THE ONION. I could be wrong.

Dianrian: I guess it didn’t exactly surprise me either, but still shook me up to see my own text plagiarized for someone else’s scam.

“Someone:” Deaf Anthology was reporting on the scam and was not its creator. I admit I’m not really familiar with that blog site, but this post had struck me as legitimate.

I sent “Deaf Anthology” an email this morning to ask if he has the full email header for that scam email (so that it can be reported appropriately). So I guess I’ll see how he responds.

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