BBC Ouch Holiday Gathering

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Looking for the BBC Ouch Holiday Gathering for Christmas 2009/New Year’s Day 2010? Please follow the link to

This page (below) was last year’s holiday gathering (2008/2009). It is left up here for general historical interest 🙂

I’m one of many people around the world who read the
BBC Ouch discussion board. Disabled people, people with medical conditions, Deaf people, etc., all participate in discussions there, partly for fun (there are LOTS of people at Ouch with a REALLY weird sense of humor 😉 ). But Ouch is also an important source of support for disability or accessibility related frustrations.

This time of year, many people need more support than ever. Sometimes this may be because some people may be feeling “down” when everyone else thinks they’re supposed to be “cheery”. Or sometimes families themselves are “inaccessible”, whether this means someone with asthma who cannot be in the same room with a relative who smokes, or someone in a wheelchair who cannot enter his/her parents’ home, or someone Deaf with a family that doesn’t sign (or don’t sign well).

Alas, the BBC Ouch Board will be closed from 1800 GMT December 24 through 9 am GMT December 27. It will be open from December 27 through 31, but then it closes again from 1800 GMT December 31 through 9 am GMT January 2, 2009.

Some people have pointed to the Ouch Facebook group. But some blind people have pointed out that Facebook is inaccessible to people who use screenreaders. Therefore, I am opening up the comments area in this page below for anyone from the BBC Ouch! board who needs an extra source of support between now and January 2. I know it’s not ideal because there’s no way to set up individual discussion threads, but I offer it as a possible “next best thing” for now, particularly during the hours that BBC Ouch is closed down (Christmas and New Year’s)

Addendum: I have now found that there is another alternative board for Ouch members over at The advantage of that board is that you can create separate discussion threads and even post pictures. New members there would have to register before they can even see the forum. Registration requires a visual captcha there.

I will be away with family for part of the 24th and 25th. And I’m a few hours behind most people in the UK, so I’ll still be asleep when early-risers in Europe are starting to become active on-line. But otherwise, I’ll try to keep an eye on things when I can.

When you enter your comments: bear in mind that I will be able to see whatever you type into your email address field (though others will not). If you don’t want me to see your real email address, then feel free to put in a fake such as “” or whatever.

Of course, in a more immediate mental health emergency, see this BBC Ouch thread for information on how to contact the Samaritians or other sources of emergency mental health support:


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102 Responses to “BBC Ouch Holiday Gathering”

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This page is mostly meant to be used for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day when the BBC Ouch board is down. But I’m posting this comment here just to make sure people can see that, yes, this is meant to be where you can hold your BBC Ouch discussion during the coming week!

Feel free to start posting early, prior to when the Ouch board closes, even if just for a test post or whatever.

Hope you all enjoy!

Posting to confirm my place.

Right, found it. Where is the party, where are the decorations, where is everyone?

You rebels you – barriers to chatting over Christmas? Pah, you say, I will run away and make my own fun.

Congrats, all, on finding the place 🙂

I’ll be busy with family away from home from roughly 6 pm GMT Dec 24 through sometime in the afternoon or evening on the 25th, but otherwise will be here when I can.

Merry Christmas to everyone ((hugs))

So pleased that the Url has been allowed…

A Very Happy Christmas and New Year to all my friends on Ouch! (from an ex-member)

Gosh I found you as well. Hi Tigs and Burpy .
Happy Xmas to all.
hugs Frances

great idea.. Christmas is s’posd to have us all cheery and gleeful but actually I dont feel cheery and gleeful.. at least ill be able to look here and see I’m not the only one !


Hello all!

Hi littleburpy and everybody.

Glad to see so many people already checking things out here!

Sometime in the next hour or so I should be leaving my home computer to visit family for tonight and part of Christmas Day. But I hope you’ll all use this space wisely, have fun, give each other moral/emotional support, etc. Then I should be back to join you all sometime tomorrow night.

Ouch is still working at the minute – very mysterious

heya guys, just posting for a minute, idk if i’ll be around for much longer since i have relatives coming over. a big hello to TWP-we all miss you! the ship HAPPYNESS on the Cane and Able isn’t the same without you!

Hi everyone!!! I literally just logged on to ouch and there were links saying the board was still on. Then the turned it off that instant i got there. Argh! Nevermind! This is nice isn’t it!

I’ll be back online after gavin and stacey so hopefully i can have a chat with people later if people are here. By that time people might either be starting the christmas dinner to get ahead for tomorrow, busy with friends and family or slozzled?

Hope everyone has a nice time!!!

Hi all, went to sleep and couldn’t wake up – Gah, well I’m awake now and we have to pop off to the MIL’s to decorate the christmas cake, hubby has to finish baking presents ect ect. I’m going to try to check back in – but you know what it’s like using someone elses comp, seasons greetings all

Hmmm, the layout is a bit of an annoyance.

I can try and open up one of my dormant forums so things look a little bit more structured?

Please e-mail me at if you want some assistance, or if you would like a forum for this which seems much clearer then the RDIN ones.

Testing to see if I’m able to post this from my phone.

FPR, I know the formatting is not ideal, this is just what I had. But if you think you can set up something nicer then please go ahead, then post the link here. Then people can choose for themselves where to hang out. How’s that?

Ah I see the usual suspects have found this thread. I may as well add myself to the list, even though Im going to visit family over the next few days , Ill try and pop on . Hugs to everyone Robomam aka Mewsli aka Carole :o)

Forgot to add my thanks for doing this :o)

Just wanted to drop in and let people know that I’m still reading here (albeit via phone). I’ll probably be busy during the next few hours but will try to log in at least one more time before I go to bed. So if you were looking for a place to vent, you aren’t completely alone here 🙂

{{{Hugs}}} for anyone who needs them (if that’s you, then this hug is for you!)

Hi again, thankyou also for adding this link. It’s great!

I’ve been downstairs for for 4 hours without any coming upstairs for breathers. For anybody that hasn’t seen my thread at some point, my brother has come home from university for christmas and he is a smoker. For some reason this time around i have had a really bad reaction to the cigarette smell on the clothing and around the house and i’m really struggling with with my breathing. The steroids are doing their job. Tonight the cigarette smoke smell was unpleasant and made me breathless but not as overpowering as it has been since the weekend. Leg is also hurting me tonight (great) but it isn’t bothering me too much. Going to do some extra physio tonight. I’m so glad to come back upstairs though!!! I’m actually disliking my brother right now although trying to be nice to everyone because it’s christmas. He was actually laughing at me before too in his mocking way. He told me to smile earlier. I’s said to him that he wouldn’t smile if he felt was struggling to get his breath. I said to him ‘you know i had to go to the doctor today,’ i got the ‘WHY!’ I said because i can’t breathe. Brother told me in dismay that i was fine. I said, ‘i’m not fine, the doctor has given me some steriods.’ Brother laughed his pants off at me. He thought i was taking anabolic steroids. I said ‘no they are used to control asthma when your having a hard time with it.’ Then i got my little suggestion in. I said to him, ‘so it would help me if you could try to smoke less,’ to which i got the ‘yeah right, get lost.’ So there you go! I really can’t wait for him to disappear again.

Hope everyone is having a nice evening and hope you all have a nice christmas.

Gem, sorry to hear things are continuing to be frustrating with your brother, though glad to know the breathing is somewhat better.

Is there some way to get your doctor together with your brother? Since for some reason he doesn’t seem inclined to believe his own sister (!), maybe he’d hear it better from a doctor or nurse who can tell him that, yes, it is not just you complaining, that you really are doing rather poorly, that the only reason he doesn’t notice as much is because you’re on heavy medications (including the steriods), that it is not really the best thing for you to be quite so medicated if only there were a way for you to breathe better without it, and that your reaction to smoke clinging to his clothing is actually not at all unusual among people with asthma because they’ve seen it before among their other patients, that none of this is in your head.

Hope that long run on sentence made sense! LOL!


Am about to go to bed; will try to log in again tomorrow am (early pm GMT)

Hope you all have a lovely day!..

Love and best wishes from Olga and littleburpy xxxxxxx

Hi Everyone,

It’s me! I like the quiet. My daughters are all sleeping, despite the fact I’ve ‘gone shouting’ in their rooms “Where’s my dinner!”. 🙂

Going out for a short walk, to ‘breathe in the air’. Byyee.

I have been spoilt and have lots of nice smellies and surprisingly I have lots of choccies too!..Mmm! Wonder how everyone knows I like those ones? hehe…
I feel like singing,so um shall I?..Just asking thats all!…hehe…

Have a lovely day and hope the fresh air for you warner has cleared the cobwebs ready for your dinner!..:-)

I’m so glad we still have some shred of the Ouch world here. Thanks so much Misty Green Mountain for doing this!! Everyone should seriously bow down to MGM for coming up with this brilliant idea! Maybe we could turn this into a rotating thing, every time the boards are closed a different member can set up a forum/host comments on their blog. I would definitely lend my blog out for the occassion!

By the way, does it annoy anyone else when you have to make fashion choices based on your abilities? For instance, I have these really cool boots that I wanted to wear today, but the soles are flatter than a pancake and I’m most likely going to be doing a decent amount of walking. If I wear the boots, I look good, but that’s not really going to matter when I’m spazzing all over the place and in pain after walking a lot. If I wear my sneakers, I won’t look as good, but I won’t be in pain and I’ll be more awake for the festivities. I just wish I could have the look of the boots with the comfort of the sneakers!

OK, that’s my rant for the day. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day. I’m come upstairs for a breather. I’ve sat through about 5 cigarette’s (and he won’t shut all the doors in the house behind him when he goes outside which always bugs me), but and this is a great BUT, i’ve only taken four puffs of my inhaler and stuck my head in steam once. We are doing well! And i’ve been sat downstairs for 6 hours now. The steroids are making me quite tired though mixed with wine so i don’t think i will need an excuse to go to bed tonight.

I can’t wait for the new wallace and gromit (i am quite excited about that)! Oh and i had a nice dinner. I won the eating contest as always! Nobody believes every year that i can eat loads of roast spuds, and as it’s a special occassion, i go for the 10 potatoes! We didn’t quite enough for that this year but i got 8 and i finished the lot!!! I am the queen of the roast potatoes!!!

What’s been the best thing about everybody’s day today? Anybody had a nice treat in the form of a lovely dinner, a bottle of plonk that you don’t normally have or a special gift? Anybody had a great party or watched something they really enjoyed on the TV? Or is has the best bit been a stroll, getting your night gear on and getting comfy with friends or family?

If anyone has a nice story or anything they are really excited about, please share the tale? The threads will make nice reading!

Happy christmas!!!!

I so hope eveyone has had a lovely day,and not been on your own!…I was invited to my neighbours for a few hours and it turned out I was there for 6 hours,such a lovely day and everyone had a great time!…

Hope everyone had a good day. I was on my own (plus cats) but it was ok actually, just a quiet day really.

Where are you MistyGreenMountain ?
I mean, are you feeling a bit ‘misty’, or maybe your IP’s gone down. 🙂
* Probably asleep Zzzz *

I was feeling as good as can be. I hate to be all miserable but i am so upset again now. Actually i’m really angry. I’ve just come to bed because i need some fresh air and time to myself. Probably the best bit of my evening – getting away from everyone and getting some fresh air.

My brother decided to go with my dad before and walk my grandma home. Brother is dying for a fag and goes outside and stands in the porch.Leaves all the doors open in the house except the front door. My gran is getting ready, getting her coat and shoes on. She leaves the house but had the door open for a few minutes because she’s not so good on her feet and she can’t just walk straight out of the house. She has to step over the doorstep. All the time bro is still in the porch, gran is trying to get out of the house, so all the cigarette smoke comes straight into the house because he’s left all the doors open. And just when i had started to feel better.

I am so angry with him. He is so inconsiderate! I had to go and open the back door to try to get all the smell out of the house. I was fuming! Mum said to me not to start a row which is fair enough on christmas day but i so wanted to beat his brains in! He’s given me a miserable week and a miserable christmas and tomorrow probably won’t be any better. I can feel on the steroids that i would be fine now if i had a good break from the very thing that is irritating my chest, but seen as though i can’t i’m not really getting any better.

So pleased to be in my room. My chest isn’t as bad up here. And i have peace!

Hello Gem!…So sorry you have been put through this and yes he was very inconsiderate,in one sense I understand mum saying dont say anything to him,but that is allowing him to do the very thing you and mum will know is making you feel unwell,with the cigarette smoke!…Hopefully now though as you are in your room and in better air,that you can now settle and have a good unwind and sleep too!..
Take care and sleep well (((hugs)))xxx

Sorry to disappear on people!

Had a very lazy, sleepy morning. Most of the adults in my family went to bed pretty late last night (on the 24th), and some of us were pretty tired to begin with. Since there were no little ones in the household on Xmas eve, that meant we all were able to sleep late. (Something that would not have been possible with young’uns about 😉 )

But then we had our usual present opening, yada yada, starting late this morning. Then my partner and I got back home this afternoon and lazed about, opening our own presents to each other and watching a Christmas movie (the one with the Grinch 😉 ). So, a quiet Christmas.

Hope that answers your question, warner 😉

Spaz Girl: For me, I’ve never been that drawn to fashion, so even if my disabilities were mobility-related, instead of being annoyed, I’d probably just be really relieved at having a good excuse to avoid wearing clothing I wouldn’t really want to wear any way (like dress shoes) 🙂 …. Maybe you and me should trade disabilities once in a while so you can wear fashion on occasion 😉

gem: Grrrr at your brother! And at your parents for not backing you up more.

Well, I had a wonderful Christmas. I went to Midnight Mass, then came home and opened a few presents.

I have been so well endowed with presents this year, it is taking me 3 days to open them all.

I went to friends for lunch and we had goose and duck with all the trimmings. I opened a few more presents before I went. I have known these friends for over 20 years and I used to teach their children to ride. One of the girls was there and she has blossomed from gangly teenager into a beautiful young woman.

I got home just after 8pm and opened a few more presents. I have 3 left to open tomorrow.

I am a well known coffee drinker and I got several gifts of gourmet coffee which I will really enjoy. I had some smelly stuff, soaps, body lotions etc. Some really nice pot pourri and a dressing gown from my sister.

The most unusual present was some rose seeds. The rose is as yet unnamed so I am to give it a name and it will be registered under that name.

I have never grown roses from seed before

I hope you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas.

— 9:11am Friday (GMT) —
Good Morning Campers! Wakey, wakey!
Birds are singing … um, shall I join in?

Oooo! Not too sure about joining in,as you may get a few things thrown at you,so maybe hum!…hehe…

Hope you had a lovely day yesterday warner,and plenty of rest today!..

* ducks :)*
And you have a g’day, littleburpy & all.
Haven’t people got enough presents?
Why is there so many out looking for more?
I thought ‘boxing day’ was ‘for giving gifts to the poor’.
(disability related? Just ‘whining’, as we do 😉 )

Awww thanks everyone. I am sorry to whine especially at christmas. So i’m really sorry!!! I’m having a nice cup of tea in bed. I’m trying to stay upstairs as long as possible but my gran will be here again soon as i better get my lazy bum up and get ready. Bunny is watching me and waiting patiently for me to get up and get him out of cage. (Yes he sleeps up here with me.) I gave the bunny a nice pressy yesterday. Well if we can treat people we can treat our pets too. Got him a wooly blanket to lay on. So he was all wrapped up in it yesterday on the settee and we barely heard a peep out of him. I better get up. Hope everyone has a nice day!!! Oh midnight mass, i’ve always wanted to go to one at a grand cathedral. Heard the choir at york cathedral once and i really enjoyed it. Would like to go there for christmas mass one day. So peaceful and relaxing!

Phew!..Good job you ducked then warner!..Um I wonder who’s shoe it is? hehe..Not mine!..

Yes sadly it seems that the custom on boxing day is fading away!…

How you have a nice day today Gem..

Wishing everyone a lovely day! ((hugs))xx

Thankyou little burpy, thankyou everyone i think i would go mad without somewhere to come this year especially!!! So thankyou!!!

I’m up now, got to get dressed still, harry is cleaned. I’m watching zoo days on the telly, there doesn’t seem to be much on today. Well at least until later? We’re having lamb today for my dinner. I don’t eat much meat but i really enjoy lamb. Got the fan on upstairs too so the tightness is easing a bit now. I have a great excuse to live in my room until my brother goes back to uni. I’m doing a master’s degree and i have a review of all my work on the 9th January (2 weeks!!) Argh!!! So i have lots to do! I’ve been working casually all last week and enjoying it but now i have to get back to dedicating my whole day to my work again.

I’m going to go downstairs as late as possible i think today. The less time spent downstairs the better. I was really upset last night. I just thought what’s the point in being with your family for christmas when your family make you ill? I need a day out i think. I know a friend of mine is asking to see me again before she goes back to work so i think i will ask her if she’ll go out for the day with me when she’s free? I think i need a break and to get out of the house! And to try not to get upset today too!! Ok i better get ready. Will be back later. Hope everyone has a nice day!!!

I hope you get out and have a nice day.
You shouldn’t be sorry about ‘whining’.
I hope there’s somebody else who can ‘take over’ otherwise it will be ‘boring’. 🙂

Well done doing your Masters degree Gem,and knuckle down now ready for January the 9th,and wishing you all the best of luck too!..
Yes you also need a break and so it is a lovely idea to ask your friend to go out for the day,have maybe some fun in the sales,although it will be busy,so I am not venturing out,as my friend Mrs Leggie (little false one) tends to go where she wants to and where I want to 😉 I am teaching her though,and yesterday while with my neighbours she got into doing ring a ring of rosies with the children there,hehe..Don’t worry!..I survived!…Just!!..hehe…

Who is Harry?..I gather one of your pets!..

Have a lovely day,and enjoy your meal!..xx

Well sadly i have another day in with the family but i shall hopefully see my friend at the weekend or next week maybe.

Just enjoying being upstairs. Harry’s enjoying having a bit of freedom and is sat in his bed again. I have to do my hair. But i’m managing a good job of dragging out getting ready. My brother is still in bed which is good for me but mum has a candle on downstairs which is just nearly as bad when i have a bad chest. He probably got drunk last night and has a hang over so with a bit of luck i might not have to see him until we have our dinner? Oh it’s nice up here in my room. The sun is really low and shinning inside and the sky looks lovely. Ok i had better get ready i think.

just got up and about.. having a blue day so just mooching and sulking.. nahh really Im just bone weary and need to rest so thats what Ill do.. hmmm nice comfy sofas here .. anyone mind if I curl up and sleep ?

Afternoon all, i hope you are all ok. I feel better mentally than I expected after boing dumped at the weekend but am incubating what I hope is just a chest infection but may be flu. I’ll ring the out of hours doctor tomorrow if the cough develops cos I know that the sooner I get antibiotics the better. Of course if it’s flu I’ll just have to ride it out.

Still there’s some good children’s movies today and it’s a good excuse for brandy in the coffee – purely medicinal of course!

P.S What is it with cats and boxes? My two are fighting over possession of a small shoebox at the moment. It can’t be comfy but they like sleeping in it.

Hello Jo and Cornishkate,plenty of rest is on the prescription today so take it easy!..
So sorry Cornishkate to hear what happened so curl up on the chair near to Jo and we will all cheer you up,as for the flu,if its the one I have heard about it also brings sickness too,and the best advice is you get this or anyone else,is to keep sat or propped up,as it seems that the sickness comes more if laying down!…

Thanks Burpy – I just lost my place on the sofa. I got up to make a drink and when I came back it was occupied by two very cosy looking cats. i do wonder sometimes who is in charge in this house.

Aw!…Well they know that you love them so much that you wouldnt mind!…Here you are a specialy chair just for you..

>>> )\:::::::/( <<< Get cosy!…

Shall I have a moan?
No. Don’t feel like it, at the moment.
* I think I’ll put some baked potatoes on. Mmm *

Hi evryone just worked out how to get on here.
Thougt I was going yo lose my beloved cat yesterday but she has perked up after not eating for seven days she is now noshing!

Hectic day yesterday, my bestest pressie an Isis Goddess Atheme, whats yours??

Hope everyone is well and not getting the dreaded lurgie’s!!!

Meridi, glad your cat is doing better!

Me, my fave gift is that I got lots and lots and lots of books! I can’t pick out a single favorite among them yet, cuz, see, I haven’t read them yet! So I now have this HUGE stack of brand new, never-read-before books to plunge into … it will take me many, many, many weeks to get through them all!

*Merry cackling* 😀

(Yes, I am a book-a-holic!)

I love books too and re-read my favs over and over again but not even one this xmas!

Oh but loads of chocolate for my habit!!!!

ooo I am sore today after doing the trip round all the family yesterday.

Had angina attack last night, first time in years, think my cat being poorly really stressing me out plus the broken nights trying to get her to drink and eat!

Or it could have been the over eating!!!
No alcohol as makes me feel ill with the pain meds. But did have fizzy frink first time in ages perhaps its that??? oh i don’t know it is worrying though as angina attacks can be very scary!!!

Very quiet here today, watching star trek enterprise and stargate, yes I am a sci fi addict too!!!

I hope everyone has had a lovely day!..It has been lovely and sunny here in Lancashire this afternoon,although cold now!..

Hi everybody, i had a nice christmas this year, hope everyone enjoyed themselves to Angeldust

Hello Angeldust,hope you enjoyed yourself and have had a lovel day today?

Well, my pots smell nice (slow oven),
but daughters suddenly all go out!
Nevermind, left over for tomorrow.
So left ‘in Narnia’ all by myself. 😦

Mmm! I can smell them from here!…Um! is there any spare?..

Oh meridi i’m sorry about your angina attack and the cat being poorly!!! And i’m sorry your not feeling well too cornishkate. I hope you both feel better soon and the cat!!! Vet will hopefully be open tomorrow meridi if you need to take the cat!!

Yes sorry harry is my rabbit. The one who keeps me sane. Feeling ok (ish) tonight. Chest is feeling a bit better. Going to go out with my dad and walk my gran home. I’m hoping my bro doesn’t come too. I want the fresh air. It’s really cold though so i hope i’m not asking for trouble.

Unfortunately my dodgy leg will never survive the sales. Did anyone see the shop chaos on the news earlier? But i’m sure it will survive a trip to the pub. Coming upstairs too later so hopefully the end of my day will be ok? Fingers crossed!

Oh yes what part of Lans are you in littleburpy? I live near Bury. Greater Manchester/ Lancs boarder.

I expect you can tell from my accent, where I live. 🙂
They left h2g2 ‘up & running’ at the BBC; not very busy, though.
Yes, I’ve ‘loads’ of baked pot’s left. I’ll have to send some ‘by air’, with plenty of tuna & sweetcorn filling …

Gem I live in Bolton..

Um! warner have you any prawns? hehe yum

Could I have some garlicky one’s please?

Yep, got plenty garlic. Have some herbs, too …()()
Sorry, no prawns! The sea’s too far away. ( I cheated, tuna’s from tin 😦 )
Bolton. I want to come up there, ( I’ve heard about ‘peace st.’ )
Shall I sing? Yes!
“I’ll .. be .. your .. long-haired lover from Liverpool and ..” 🙂

love you all, merry holidays to all.


No prawns!!!!! SULK!…..

I have heard of Peace street it is in Dean!..

Hello dd um have you heard that warner is about to sing?…Um! let’s run >>>>>>>>

ooooch sorryyy warner >>>>> hehe

I read warner but I see him as a match lighter, but not flammer.

But to hear him sing???????????

I`m deaf so I can`t hear him!

I only wear aides if I want to hear.


I apologise dd I didn’t know! (((hugs))


your sadly right!
We all have ‘our cross to bear’.
When Christianity first came across the channel to Kent, it was much the same, resented.
But look in the land and see, the beautiful heritage of church buildings.
What a shame, they no longer seem to be the centres of community they once were.
The newer ‘indoor shopping centres’ seem much more popular.

Well, ‘time to go home’. The Ouch! boards will be open again in the morning!
Goodnight all 🙂

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for this little place to go. I’ve had a much better evening than i’ve had for the past week. Got some fresh air outside and i’ve been sat upstairs watching telly for the rest of the night with my mum as dad and bro were watching some film? It was nice to be able to come upstairs again!!! However on going back downstairs again just to get ready for bed i’ve got tighter again. I think the smell just lingers everywhere? My parents seem to be becoming more used to it though and can’t smell the smell?

Apparently my brother is a bit upset with me. He’s annoyed with me huffing and puffing in the house and says that i’ve made him a stranger in his own home to my mum. I don’t like this. I partly don’t want to make anyone feel bad and i don’t really want to argue with anyone but at the same time i don’t know how i feel about that statement because this is coming from the person that has made me ill in my own home all week. And not just a bit breathless or iffy, i feel like my chest is being crushed, it hurts me and i can feel my lungs going into spasms all the time. I don’t know if he’s ever thought about that for a second, then again he doesn’t really care. Anyway he has smoked a bit less today which has helped an awful lot. I don’t want to mean, i’m just a but fed up of being ill and a bit angry that his smoking is causing it. I now partly feel annoyed with him, partly annoyed with my parents (who just think i’ve been horrible all week) and partly annoyed with myself.

Oh anyway, at least i feel a lot better at the moment. It sounds like i missed the fun with the singing. Goodnight everyone!!!

Misty Green Mountain

Thank you for your hospitality in letting us come here the last few days. It has been very kind of you.

Yes Thankyou so much xx

Thankyou so much!!!!

Thank you for posting the link to Ooh2. I have no idea why Ouch moderators always block it.That seems very mean-spirited to me. News of your site will be spread around now by myself.

I’m a bit slow on the uptake. At last I have found you all though. Happy new year

Happy New Year to Everyone!..

Love from Burpy!..xxxx

Happy New Year everyone from Angeldust!

Hello, all, and Happy New Year!

Here is how my day has gone so far:

I was going to return some Christmas presents through the mail (to the mail order company) because they turned out to be duplicate presents. (These were gifts I had gotten for my spouse–trouble was, other people had gotten them for her also!) While getting myself ready to go out, I banged my bare toes against my partner’s night table (so, see, everything else is now her fault because it was her table involved 😉 )

It is a very good thing that no hearing people were at home then because, if there had been, I would have given them a heart attack what with the really loud screaming I did! 🙂 A full 20 minutes later, my throat was still sore!

I’m pretty sure the toes are not broken. (Or if they are, then it’s not as severe as one or two injuries like it I’ve had in the past.) But they ARE now hurting enough that I ended up pulling out an old pair of crutches so I could use them to take a little bit of weight off the foot, but particularly the toes.

Stuffed everything into my backpack. Went to post office. Found the post office closed early today cuz, see, it’s a holiday. Had to bring everything back home. With the ouchy foot.

Realized I needed food, but could not think of a good way to carry a full plate of food (assuming I could figure out a good way to cook it!) with the crutches. And did not want to wait a few hours for partner to get home. So, instead, I took my ouchy foot on the crutches to a nearby restaurant. On the way there and back my foot, well, ouched because of the walking I was doing. Yeh, I know clever choice for me. I should have ordered delivery instead.

Am now back home and wanting a can of soda from the fridge. I guess if I use a plastic bag I can manage to carry it to bed or whereever I end up without having to sacrifice a crutch just to have a hand to hold things … just as long as I don’t have to carry the soda anywhere else once I open the can! I do know where to retrieve a plastic bag, or so I think.

I know there must be far more experienced crutch-users in a forum like this one — any quick tips for how I can handle things until my poor toes get better again? My partner should be home tonight through tomorrow (cuz of the holiday) so that should help.

Depending on how long the toes stay tender, I might ask my partner to bring my lap top into the bedroom. But for now, it’s sitting in the living room.


So you are the one that I heard saying ‘Ooooch and Ouch?..I can feel the pain from here!….;-)

Wishing yourself,partner and Ouchy Foot a very Happy and less sore New Year!..


Hapy New Year to all. Not doing anything tonight as still quite poorly with chest infection and also not happy due to very recent break up. Ah well – maybe next year will be better!

hey all just popping in to say hi and happy new year to everyone…i’m trying to get some homework done before the festivities start…so annoying that teachers insist on giving homework over vacation…thanks again MGM!!

It is now 2009 in my time zone — Happy New Year, all!

Happy New Year Everyone! ((hugs))xx

10:14am (GMT)
Happy New Year!
It’s nice & quiet in my house and neighbourhood.

Happy new year everyone!!!

I had a better night last night because the higher dose of steroid is doing it’s job. So i did at least have a drink and watch a few hours telly before hitting the sheets.

I hope everyone had a nice evening! It was a bit strange last night with the fireworks? Normally you let lots going off and then all you can here is loads of fireworks until at least 2am. So you can’t really sleep if you want to. This year all the fireworks went off at midnight as usual. And the were REALLY REALLY LOUD because i think everyone must have set there’s off at once and then it was deadly silent. 12.05am came and no fireworks and then total silence. It was really strange!!!

Oh i hope the toe is feeling better this morning heartsinger. That made me laugh reading about you using crutches for a sore toe. I know though what you mean though! I dropped my laptop on my toe once and it strangely didn’t hurt as much as i think it should have? Especially judging my the way it swollen up instantly.

I mostly use once crutch now but during my times when i have used two, i developed ways of carrying things around as best i could. I got a few like sachell bags that i could put over my shoulder and across my chest so that i could carry some things and not lose my bag. I also have a backpack for the same thing. I use carrier bags a lot too and use the handles of the crutches to carry the bags. It’s tricky though. Unfortunately when i comes to carrying a plate of food from the kitchen to a table or where ever you are a bit stuffed. If you don’t have someone with you at the time to help carry a plate of food for you, i always had to sacrifice a spare leg so that i could carry the plate. (I call my crutches spare legs.) I don’t know how people who can’t down one crutch to carry something tricky go on? I must be very difficult!

>> I sang in the school choir,and I was told I had a lovely voice,
so many things we could join in,but this was my best choice. <<

No. I’m too shy. I’m not singing today.
(I certainly don’t want to upset ‘misty’)

Oooo! It was me that said that!…I could sing for you all here you know!…Cough! hehe

happy new year everyone.

Happy Birthday to Littleburpy happy birthday to you!…Hip Hip Hooorayyyyyy!
The drinks are on me!….Um! Tea? or Coffee? hehe…

Happy birthday littleburpy!!! I hope your having a lovely day!!!

Thankyou Gem!…And I hope you are having a lovely day today! ((hugs))xx

I’m ok thanks, just spending all my time in my room. Well i did go downstairs to watch wallace and gromit again and now back upstairs again. Had a curry earlier (thought i’d make a good start to the year and there’s no better started than a curry for your tea!) There’s nothing much on the box. I swear the telly get’s worse every year!

i went to the beach to watch the annual new year swim. Lots of people in fancy dress looking very cold but very funny and entertaining.

Happy Birthday Littleburpy :o)

Happy birthday to yoooooooooooooooo :o)

Aw!..Thankyou and I have had a lovely day!

Night Night and God bless to everyone,and sleep well!…Littleburpy’s eyes are a drooping now!..(((hugs to all)))xxx

11:45pm (GMT)
Had 2 grandchildren round earlier, girl of 3yrs and boy of 1yr.
Wallace & grommet, crisps & biscuits, running & screaming.
And plenty of kisses. 🙂
Goodnight all!

Thankyou very much Misty Green Mountain,for letting us come here!..
Wishing yourself and your family and everyone here a Very Happy and Healthier New Year!..
Love from Litteburpy! ((hugs))xx

Thankyou from me too Misty Green Mountain. It has been really helpful for me to be able to come to your site during the holiday period. So a big thankyou for your kindness!!!

Hope to keep catching you over on ouch!!!

Best wishes for the new year!

Love from Gemma.

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Let’s not go back to Ouch for a few days after they reopen. That’ll learn ’em!

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