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[PLEASE send your emails for Obama DIRECTLY to his administration. Or, you may prefer to communicate through the White House Office of Public Liaison, which is meant to facilitate communication between the Presidential administration and the public.   Messages left here will NOT be passed along. Thank you.]

Politicians are known for making promises–to Deaf people and hearing people, and to people with disabilities and without disabilities. Sometimes they follow through and sometimes they don’t. What makes the difference? WE DO!

The new US President-elect Barack Obama has made some important promises to people with disabilities and Deaf people. These promises could be important both nationally (better employment and education and less discrimination) and internationally (signing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).

But will he follow through? That’s partly up to his own integrity. But that’s also up to all people with disabilities, our loved ones, colleagues, and other allies. Politicians are more quick to remember their promises if they know people are watching them. So let’s make sure Obama’s team knows we are watching him! EMAIL OBAMA!

Learn more about how YOU can help by taking just a few minutes to click through this power point program:

Most importantly:

We should all send an email to Kareem Dale, Obama’s National Disability Vote Director (at, WITH COPIES TO Anne Hayes, a volunteer on the Obama Disability Policy Committee (at

NOTE: Please note that this blog is NOT the place to leave messages for Obama. I am unable to pass along your messages to Obama’s team. Instead, PLEASE contact his team DIRECTLY. If you wish to contact them on non-disability related issues, please use the form at  Or, you may prefer to contact the White House Office of Public Liaison at If you wish to contact them on disability-related issues, then you may use the instructions given above. Thank you.

NOTE: As of December 23, 2008, I have now closed comments on this specific blog post. If you are trying to reach Obama’s administration, please contact them DIRECTLY as instructed repeatedly above.


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dear obama my name is christopher perdue in the bible it speaks of noah and what he had to do before the flood. we have tools right here on earth after the flood that we can experienment with to bring each sholder home. all we have to do is experiement with this equipement that we already have on this of them would be the preditor to go and search out crime in the usa and crime over seas. thru dna, thru smell and we all know in the world a mans best friend is a dog. and also i have a lot of projects that i want to invent with your help to make the economy in the usa a better place to live in. and truckers that are coming out of the north bring ice and water free from the snow and it falls off of the trucks in the south and if we can get each trucker coming to the south dropping off ice and snow from the north we can get georgia a helping hand with their water problem. and remember noah and the flood i said that because if we can give every house and home free rent, free taxes, free morage they can put that money back in society in 1 year. and don’t for get about my dreams that i am trying to create to help jobs in the economy. yes we can.

dear mr obama, I am considered white. I am actually part indian, irish,scotish and german at least that is all i AM AWARE OF. America is all about us being about a melting pot, You are as far as I know are white and black, you are at the very least interatial

I am holding you to your vow to eliminate the “donut hole” in Medicare prescriptions. Don’t disappointment me and millions of others.

dear obama, i am emailing you because i want to be one of the people to help you make the world a better place to live in nby putting money back into the economy by helping all of these companies that are failing in society. one way that we can make these companies make it from year to year by time out for one year for morgage payment, rent payments, tax payments, insurance payments and hospital payments. we do it all the time by being late on our payments and any month so what i am saying is if we have 1 year time out this world will not be hurt at all. so please give me a response. then i have another invention that i am working on that will help the prices of oil and this will be a substitute for oil by using it in the motors in cars, motors in diesels, lawn motors, weed eaters motors. please give me a response and also help me get with a team of people to help these dreams come true. it’s time for a change.

Hearing impaired have the right to enjoy movie theater and go any were they please and have closed captioning. we need to make this possible for these peoople. it not fair. thank you


Mr. Obama, Can you stop the banks from extorting money from poorer account holders? I realize, you have never had overdraft problems. BUT, I make barely enough to survive. I’m sixty two. If I buy bread and milk and overdraft my checking. These low clas greedy bankers from Bank of America hit me with a $35 dollar overdraft. That’s extortion , any way you look at it. Do you think that extorting money from me when I’m barely surviving helps the economy in any way at all? If your really for change and really want to help the middle and lower paid class people, then please stop this obvious criminal actions the banks are doing to every one who is having trouble making ends meet. Also, they take the largest overdraft and pay it even if it causes 4 or 5 other smaller checks to then overdraft. They say it’s to make sure your mortgage is paid. I’d rather have a twenty dollar late payment from my mortgage company than a $35 dollar one from the bank. The corrupt B of Asses took $140 from me in Dec. I won’t be in the black in my account for a month now. It’s not right It’s not fair. It’s down right crimnal. I can’t afford to have a saving account to prevent overdrafts, one reason is again the gteedy banks charge the poorer people a monthy fee if you don’t have a $1000 in it.

Let me please amplify to readers that THIS IS NOT, repeat, NOT the place to leave email messages for Obama’s team.

If you want to email Obama on something other than disability issues, then please use the form at his official transition website at

If you wish to contact his team on disability issues, then please use the instructions given above.

Messages left here will NOT be passed along to Obama because I simply don’t have the capacity to do that. I am not in any way working for the Obama administration at the time of this writing.

mcdonaldsneeds icecream.

Thank for helping the disablity people. I am also one bangladeshi disable. But I salute you from my heart. Ilover you. Obama. you are real hero

Dear President,
I would like to take the opportunity to suggest you tax petroleum products, taking advantage of the current low prices. I think it is appropriate that the use of gasoline pay for the R&D towards sustainable alternatives. I also think that the purchase price of gasoline should anticipate its impact on environment as well as the upkeep of the infrastructure of transportation. I also strongly believe that the only hope of restricting our energy use is by keeping it appropriately expensive. How far would say a $0.25/gallon tax go towards developing electric vehicle infrastructure and incentives, algal biodiesel research and implementation (especially at coal-fired power plants), and solar research and incentives. Oh, and by the way, wouldn’t this create a lot of jobs?
Sincerely Willing to Pay Taxes for a Change to a Sustainable Economy, Rick Kirkby

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