Love Worth Fighting For: Will California Voters Agree? Deaf Voters in California, Please Take Note

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What’s more natural than love? Love is what binds us to other humans. Love is what creates family. Love is what creates a community–including the Deaf community. And through our vast network of millions of families and thousands of communities from coast to coast, love is what forges a nation and strengthens our society. Be we Deaf or hearing, love is the water that quenches the thirst of our soul. Love is the bread that nourishes the hunger pangs of our spirit. Is it any wonder that so many people have fought and shed blood for the right to love, and to proclaim that love before the world? Is it any wonder that we have created laws that build protective walls around the strongest binds of love so that they cannot be too easily torn asunder?

But today in California, the right of an entire class of people to love, and have their right to love protected by law, is put in peril. Maureen Yates Burns thinks that’s wrong. She loves her sister, Noreen Yates. And that’s why she supports her sister’s right to love Lisa Marie Wilson–and to remain married to her. That’s why she is asking all voters in California to vote NO on Proposition 8 today. Watch her 3 minute video, in ASL:

And also don’t miss a 12-minute documentary that Noreen and Lisa made about their marriage, and their fight to remain married on the same basis as opposite sex couples in California:

Most importantly: if you are in California, and if you haven’t voted yet, please go to the polls NOW. And vote NO on Proposition 8. The future lives, security, and happiness of Lisa and Noreen hinge upon your vote. And so does the fabric of society, woven from the strongest binds of love.

Learn more about Proposition 8 in California at:


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4 Responses to “Love Worth Fighting For: Will California Voters Agree? Deaf Voters in California, Please Take Note”

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thank you so much! 🙂 hugs, noreen

Looks like it’s going to be too damned close. It’s 52-48 Yes, with 42% of the precincts reporting, as of 11:27pm PST.

And, naturally, the captioning craps out just as they’re interviewing the ‘No On 8’ leaders at campaign headquarters. Their facial expressions show optimism.

Now (at 11:29), it’s 53-47, 46% reporting. *sigh*

Update (11:57pm PST): The Yes people are declaring victory, even at only 47% reporting. Nobody’s called it official. Maybe a ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ moment. But my hopes aren’t up for it.

Yes! California approves gay marriage ban

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