Deaf Voters in California: Please Vote NO to Proposition 8

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The lives, personal security, and happiness of two deaf women, Lisa and Noreen, are dangling on the collective decision that will be made by voters in California tomorrow, November 4, 2008.

Californians are being asked to decide tomorrow whether Noreen and Lisa, and many other couples like them, have the right to be legally married. California is currently one of the very few places in the world that recognize the right of same sex couples to marry the person they love. Legal marriage grants couples with many rights that simply aren’t covered in domestic partnership or civil unions.

Lisa and Noreen want to remain married, among other reasons, so that hospitals will recognize their legal right to make important medical decisions for the other if one of them should become incapacitated. Without that legal protection, hospitals could choose to ignore what the healthy partner says about the previously communicated wishes of the unconscious or incapacitated partner. Or, in some cases in the past, hospitals have denied same-sex partners the right to visit each other in the hospital.

Noreen and Lisa’s legal rights and pragmatic security are in potential peril tomorrow. The wrong vote by too many Californian voters could strip away some of the legal protections that enable them to plan their future with confidence. The right vote–NO on Proposition 8–would protect their human right to simply live their lives in peace.

If you’re in California–please vote NO to Proposition 8. Your NO vote will be a vote for love.

Watch a 12-minute video about how Noreen and Lisa met, fell in love, and married. Share in their joy in their union–and in their fears that it could be taken away on the whim of Californian voters tomorrow. Unless you do the right thing and VOTE NO on Proposition 8 in California on November 4, 2008:


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10 Responses to “Deaf Voters in California: Please Vote NO to Proposition 8”

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I take no position on this issue any more since 85% the old deaf guards are likely to be members of the affected class under this proposition.

I agree, no one has the right to “decide” for you who can or can’t get married. I voted NO on 8! (Absentee ballot). May Californians prove us proud tomw by standing united against this awful prop. Let’s hope we also get a win for Obama, a change for us all.

Either McCain and Obama are against on same-sex marriage but support civil union.

No! I am not support for civil union or gay marriage! No way! I kept tell all my family members, YES YES YES on prop 8! We believe YES prop 8 will won! YIKE!!

I hope that the California residents will say
NO to the Prop. 8 and end the illegal
discrimination against the same-sex marriage.


To the person at IP:, using the email address, who kept posting basically the same general message over and over under many different screen names:

You will notice that I have now left only one of your comments in place and deleted the rest. I respect your right to your own opinion (even though I strongly disagree with it). And I do not wish to act against your right to express your opinion.

However, I think you were essentially trying to create a false impression of wide spread support for your position by creating multiple screen identities. And I see no purpose in allowing that kind of game playing.

If there really is such wide spread support for your position, and if it really matters that much to you for all their voices to be heard in this particular forum (as opposed to all the other places where these views can be expressed), then recruit people you know to come here, under their own email addresses and IP servers, to express their own views in a reasoned way that engages with the issues at hand (i.e., explain further your precise motivations for supporting proposition 8).

If you have something new and original to say, under the screen name nomoremarkie, go on ahead. However, I’m respectfully asking that you stop masquerading as multiple individuals in a way that doesn’t even advance any actual dialogue or rational debate.


In one of your messages that I deleted, you claimed that you had voted on this proposition this morning. But upon investigation, I find that you posted your comments while logged on from a computer located in Ontario, Canada. I would be intrigued to learn how you got to California and back to Ontario so quickly.

I vote YES on Prop 8.

Sorry blurt that it’s process to pass on YES for 8 Proposition.

“To the person at IP:, using the email address, who kept posting basically the same general message over and over under many different screen names.”

That person, nomoremarkie, deadoic, or daefoic is impersonating me mainly because I’m from CA despite that I have not declared publicly of my opinion of this. His IP showed up at a blog today on the same topic as Deaf Red Hair. He has been cyberstalking me and others on this Proposition even after this ended. He claims to be from CA too.

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