Why Deaf Americans Should Vote Obama in 2008

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Note that, of course, Deaf people would be affected by McCain-Palin disability policies just as much as Americans with disabilities generally. (See press release further below) This is one of a great many reasons (not all related to disability policy) that I will be voting for the Obama-Biden ticket this coming Tuesday.

Simply put, I trust Obama to be more attentive to Deaf rights and disability rights as a HUMAN RIGHTS issue–not just another code word for “welfare” or “charity” or so called “special needs.” From the primary stage onwards, Obama was the only leading candidate to have a comprehensively written disability platform that includes a strong endorsement of the Americans with Disability Act, and a clear commitment on Obama’s part to sign the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Read this FAQ for more information about the CRPD. And you can read Obama’s disability platform in PDF format for yourself; it’s only 62 Kb, so even slow modems shouldn’t have too much trouble downloading it.

National Coalition for Disability Rights

October 31, 2008

Disability Rights Organizations Express Outrage Over Attacks at McCain-Palin Rally

(Washington, DC) The National Coalition for Disability Rights (NCDR) pushed back today against the McCain-Palin campaign for ridiculing the legal rights of people with disabilities. News reports describe McCain-Palin campaign representative Senator Kit Bond (R-Mo), joining Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin at a rally in Rush Limbaugh’s hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, mocking Presidential candidate Senator Barak Obama for stating that he’s looking to nominate judges who empathize with “the disabled.”

“It’s Halloween and it seems that Sarah Palin’s mask of support for people with “special needs” is slipping. Despite past pandering to people with disabilities, McCain-Palin are actually opposed to vital disability legislation like the Community Choice Act and they want to appoint judges who will further roll back the civil rights protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” declared NCDR’s founder and president, Jim Ward.

NPR’s Nina Totenberg has reported that McCain-Palin’s and conservatives’ “most oft-mentioned prospects” for nomination to the Supreme Court include Ohio Judge Jeffrey Sutton. Sutton was opposed by hundreds of disability organizations when he was nominated by President Bush after successfully weakening the ADA with states’ rights arguments. As a sitting judge, he has recently supported the execution of criminals with developmental disabilities and has undermined the Help America Vote Act(HAVA).

Disability rights advocates are further incensed that the McCain-Palin campaign has reframed this civil rights struggle, one founded in concepts of equality, dignity and self-respect, as an issue of “special needs.”

Disability rights advocate, Steve Gold states, “Yes we need support services. Yes we need inclusive education. Yes we need integrated employment. Yes we need equal rights. This not “special”. These needs are based on us, people with disabilities, equal members of our communities. We are not inspirational nor are we “special”. We are PROUD PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES who should push back when anyone describes us as anything but equal members of our communities.”

The National Coalition for Disability Rights is a nonpartisan nonprofit that does not endorse political candidates. We are a coalition of national, state and local disability, civil rights and social justice organizations united to protect and promote the human rights of children and adults with physical and mental disabilities.


This press release was circulated via the ADA Watch email list.


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3 Responses to “Why Deaf Americans Should Vote Obama in 2008”

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Most of europe feels the Americans always elect the wrong people, Bush has been a Joke, and the posturing of Obama and McCain, thrust relentlessly down British throats by our media has been a huge turn-off. One thing you can always be sure of in American Politics, the Presidents are bit players, and puppets, who is financing these people ? they are the ones calling the shots. egarding politician A or politician B is going to forward deaf rights, c’mon ! whatever you want to hear (Metaphorically speaking), that is what they will say, I thought Americans were politically savvy ?

Simply put, I trust Obama to be more attentive to Deaf rights and disability rights as a HUMAN RIGHTS issue

So far I have yet to see any of his positions on d/Deaf rights and disability rights. He didn’t show up for the debate at the Disability convention in Columbus, Ohio last summer. I know he sent Sen. Tom Harkin but I would rather know what he has to say about the deaf/HoH in general when it comes to disability issues.

Whoa, why didnt you lay down all the truths? Palin does not agree with this RINO’s comment anyway.
Also Obama has made fun of disabilities a lot – mocking at McCain physical disability which was permanently damaged from the war. I do not see any story of this in your blog.
Not all republicans and all democrats are for disability. I admire Tom Harkins (D) as well as numerous politicians in both parties. Obama is not for us and of course the red herring feeding keeps the people not aware of issues voting for wrong prez.
Thus your blog is biased.

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