Deaf Cats Not the Only Cats to Deserve Love

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I know some people in the Deaf community are deeply committed to rescuing deaf dogs and deaf cats. Sadly, some humans refuse to take in these animals because they’re convinced it takes more work to look after deaf companion animals. Sometimes they may even end up destroyed because no one takes them in.

But, deaf companion animals are not the only ones to face a world that misunderstands them or underestimates their ability to enjoy life. Many disabilities do not impact ability to enjoy life or protect one’s personal safety any more than being deaf. But companion humans sometimes destroy cats or dogs with minor disabilities because they mistakenly assume they can’t possibly be happy any more.

Go watch this video here to learn about one really adorable, fun-loving cat who happens to have motor control difficulties. It does not have any audio commentary, just visuals and captions/subtitles:

I’m not involved in any way with the animal rescue scene. But seeing this video makes me wonder if the people invested in rescuing deaf animals should perhaps consider coordinating their efforts with people who want to rescue other animals with various disabilities. Maybe by working together, a coordinated effort could end up identifying and rescuing more animals than you could rescue on your own. (For example, if the deaf rescue group found a blind animal, they could refer it to a group of people working to rescue blind animals, and the blind animal rescue group could do the same when they find a deaf animal, and so forth.)

While I’m on it, here’s a cute story: Before I drifted out of contact with her, I had a friend with a speech impairment who used to have a dog. This was an ordinary dog who barked in an ordinary doggy way with everyone–except with my friend. With her, he developed a special, soundless bark: he opened and closed his mouth in the same way as when he barked, but without any sound. Only when he saw her, not with anyone who could speak. My friend always found this hilarious (and I found it adorable!)

Anyone have any adorable deaf or disabled animal stories to share? Share below!

[Side Note: Anyone who bothers to look around this blog after seeing this post will see I don’t maintain it much any more. That’s because most of my blogging energy these days goes into my other blog, We Can Do, which focuses on people with disabilities in developing nations, particularly in relation to poverty, human rights, and international development issues. But there’s stuff here at ReunifyGally on the ADA Restoration Act, which is still a current issue even if I don’t have as much time to write about it. Happy exploring.]


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