Deaf Bloggers, Let’s Unite in Support of the CRPD!

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Calling all Writers for the RatifyNow CRPD Blog Swarm 2008!
Are you good with words? Do you care about protecting the human rights of Deaf people or people with disabilities? Are you looking for a way to celebrate the first anniversary of the international disability rights treaty, called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), on March 30, 2008? (Which, YES, covers Deaf, deaf, and hard of hearing people too!)

Please participate in the RatifyNow CRPD Blog Swarm 2008!

What’s a Blog Swarm?
A blog swarm is when many bloggers agree to write blog posts on the same theme at about the same time. Writers who don’t have a blog can ask someone who does to publish their post for them. A blog swarm can increase public awareness of an issue.

I would love to see strong participation from the Deaf community for this blog swarm, including both written English blogs and also signed vlogs.

If you make a vlog, please try to provide either captions or a transcript. Why? Because people from all around the world may be reading the RatifyNow CRPD Blog Swarm 2008–including Deaf people from other countries who won’t know your signed language and blind people who cannot watch videos.

Why Celebrate the CRPD?
Does it make you angry when Deaf people, or other people with disabilities, are denied equal access to educational opportunities or good quality healthcare? Does it make you sad when Deaf children are denied the right to full communication access to their environment? Does it horrify you when Deaf or disabled people are left behind during times of natural disasters and war? Does reading about the abuse and torture of people with disabilities make you want to do something about it? These are all human rights violations.

When countries ratify the international disability rights treaty (CRPD), this obligates them to create laws to protect the human rights of people with disabilities. With these laws in place, the disability communities of ratifying countries will be in a stronger position to advocate for themselves—and be heard. That’s worth celebrating.

So, What’s the RatifyNow CRPD Blog Swarm 2008?
Writers are being asked to submit blog posts about the CRPD via email to at any time between now and March 27, 2008. If you don’t have a blog, we’ll try to find a home for your blog post.

For more details about the CRPD and the celebratory blog swarm, please follow the link to:

Here, you will find links to the original announcement about the RatifyNow CRPD Blog Swarm 2008 and how you can participate; a page that can help educate yourself about the CRPD before you start writing about it; suggested topic ideas for you to consider; and suggested guidelines for people who are not familiar with how to write blog posts.

Then What Happens?
On March 30, 2008, come to to start reading what all the participating writers and bloggers say about the CRPD!

What Else?
Please help make the RatifyNow CRPD Blog Swarm 2008 a success by making sure people know about it! You may post this notice at your blog or other web site, or pass it along to people you know.


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