Help Advise! Discrimination Toward Hard of Hearing Student

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Someone recently left two comments elsewhere on this blog asking for help dealing with an alleged case of discrimination against himself as a hard of hearing student. A school he wanted to attend refused to provide him with an interpreter (I assume sign language interpreter though he doesn’t say).

Can anyone reading this please help advise Keith Lausch on what he can do to help himself? His email address is provided below. Please also leave a comment here so others can benefit from your advice.

Keith Lausch
i need help my self im hard of hearing and i been goin to school in riverside and the school called the fab school and to learn how to weld and build sand car and rock clawer so i been goin that school and they wont provide me an interperter so how can i find someone to file complaint against school and they didnt realize that alot of deaf people who live in riverside area so right now im having hard time goin that school so i need help who should i contact is anyone can tell me how and e-mail me

Keith Lausch
I have a problem that I been goin to riverside school and the school called ” the fab school” is to learn how basic to weld and bending the pipe, notcher and more stuff so anyway i ask and request for an interperter and they refuse to provide me one and how can I file complaint that school and they didnt realize that in riverside area had alot of deaf community in that area so who can i albe to contact lawyer but who ?? and what they told me that they didnt break the law well which they did cause I never had one in that class and they say i was the first deaf in that class well not my problem i need interpter so i can understand what they saying in the class here my e mail


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10 Responses to “Help Advise! Discrimination Toward Hard of Hearing Student”

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Yes, I need sign language interperter and the school refused to provide me one and how can i file complaint against thefabschool in riverside area

Hi, first off, every school belongs to a district that belongs to the dept of education. Its very important to first find out if there is a special dept for the hearing impaired/deaf/Deaf students. They are the ones who are responsible for making sure u get evaluated so that the team can determine what services u need. I don’t know where Riverside is. Meaning what state?
Every school has a part time or full time school base support team. they should be able to help direct u to the proper offices for evaluation to obtain an interpreter. the system CANNOT refuse to give u a sign language interpreter if you sign. It doesn’t matter if the school has other deaf students or not. the problem is, the school does not know where to go to get u one. so as i said, go to the school base support team. look up your school online and see where the committee on special education is located and contact them or walk into their offices where ever that is. they have to help you by evaluating you for services. Please list what state you’re in so I can help you better.

Go to any law school or library and find a Pro Bono (free) attorney. He/she is usually more enthusiastic because it would allow him/her build credentials.

Why not go to CODIE and whine it out to Bayarsky. Hahahahahaha

Contact the California Center for Law and the Deaf.

The ADA states that public accomodations such as schools, restauraunts, libraries, and etc must provide reasonable accomodations to allow the disabled individual equal access to public accomodation such as providing an interpreter, ttys and etc.. The cool thing about public accomodations (title III) is that it also states that you can pick the type or mode of communication between the instrutor and yourself. The school does not pick the interpreter. You pick the interpreter and the school by law must pay for that mode of comunication chosen by the disabled individual. If the school is recieving federal funding, they must also comply with the section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973. This law states that education must be provided to the disabled individual anyway deemed necessary to make the disabled individual marketable for employment. I did not give any advice, i just merely quoted the law and now its up to you to act on it and find someone that can force the school to comply according the the above mention laws.

Hello Keith!

i have same issue! i want to enrollment thefabschool but however they do not want to provide me a interpreter due money issue.
they say class cost 8500 and it have 200 hours of class and the interpreter want 65 dollar per hours which cost more than what we pay for tuition BUT BUT, if you and i go together it will save their money due 1 interpreter for 2 of us. maybe that’s will help us get in that school with interpreter and thefabschool will get write off taxes no matter what. its against the law ” ADA” there’s all facts on the reason school refuse provide you interpreter because of the hardships which they have rights to not provide you its because they have under 15 employees work in there and the budget did not meet the interpreter budget. but but, the school have every 25 student in the morning and night classes and even on weekend which they make a lot of money and they will have to pay interpreter and we will go to school together with 1 interpreter!

hope its help you and for me too!

Now till I realized ADA don’t do anything since deaf and hard of hearing don’t exist in America !!!

Codie won’t do jack shit part of control government system so we’re slave

Discrimination does not exist in this country, I think ADA is a scam every time I asked for their help they don’t do anything about it and it part of their system game

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