New Senate Co-sponsor for the ADA Restoration Act!

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People who have been following news related to the ADA Restoration Act will have noticed that the number of co-sponsors in the House keeps on climbing (now at 244, past the majority vote needed), but the number of Senator co-sponsors had remained frozen at two.

No longer! The ADA Restoration blog now reports that a third co-sponsor in the Senate has now joined the first two! Senator Ted Stevens, a Republican from Alaska, has put his name down alongside with Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts) and Arlen Spector (Pennsylvania).

Stevens most likely was swayed at least in part by the many Americans who have taken a few moments of their time to write letters to their senators. Won’t you join them? At

Be sure to personalize your letter. Senators will listen far more closely to individually written letters than they will to form letters or petitions. When you take a few minutes to rewrite a form letter (or, better, write a fresh email from scratch) this shows you feel strongly about the issue. If you just slap your signature onto the end of a form letter then it’s harder for them to judge how serious you really are about supporting this legislation.

Want to learn more about the ADA Restoration Act before you write any letters? Educate yourself at

PLEASE make an ASL vlog (or a written blog, if you like) on the ADA Restoration Act! If you do, I’d be delighted to link to you!

CCD has compiled an excellent collection of materials on the ADA and on the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 at If you’re still new to the subject, this can help you understand why the ADA Restoration Act is critical to pass and why we should all be involved.

See my continually-updated list of blog entries from all over the web about the ADA Restoration Act of 2007, always available from the top navigation bar at “On the ADA Restoration Act.”

See examples of specific court cases that have served to undermine the spirit and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act: click on “ADA Court Cases” under “categories” in the right-hand navigation bar. I still have one more ADA Court Caseto post in the coming few weeks.

Also, don’t miss these links: One group of activists has posted a short list of simple ideas of things you can do to help get the Restoration Act passed. And do check out the ADA Restoration Blog for updates. Or browse through background information on the ADA Restoration Act. Or contact your legislators. It is particularly important to write letters to your senators.


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