Another Milestone for Restoration Act!

Posted on 4 October 2007. Filed under: ADA Restoration Act of 2007, Advocacy |

Blog activity on the ADA Restoration Act has been active in the past couple of days — perhaps in part because there are now 218 co-sponsors for the House version of the bill (HR 3195).  This is a significant milestone because that’s enough for a majority vote in the House!  Of course, it is still worth firming up this support with letters to your legislators.  Write your congressional representatives to thank them (if they’re co-sponsors) or encourage them to follow suit (if they’re not).

And it wouldn’t hurt to start writing Senators to encourage them to support the Senate version of the bill (S. 1881)–only two senators are co-sponsors of that bill so far.

Here are the latest blog links:

HR 3195 Oct 4th Update 218, Epilepsy Foundation eCommunities Forums, Oct 4 ’07. The Epilepsy Foundation praises the milestone in reaching 218 co-sponsors for the House version of the ADA Restoration Act (HR 3195).

Newest House Co-Sponsors Bring Total to 218! ADA Restoration blog, Oct 3 ’07. We now have 218 co-sponsors of HR 3195 in the House–enough for a majority vote. ADA Restoration encourages people to continue contacting your legislators.

Sesenbrenner and Hoyer Respond to Chamber Opposition! ADA Restoration blog, Oct 3 ’07. If you’ve been keeping track, then you know that the US Chamber of Commerce last month wrote a letter in opposition to the ADA Restoration Act. Congressmen Sesenbrenner and Hoyer have now responded.

Is the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 Good for Business? Oct 3 ’07 Chapter Advisor Forum. Explains the Restoration Act and the misinterpretations of the original Americans with Disabilities Act that the new legislation is meant to correct.  Provides clear examples.

The ADA Restoration Act 2007 11 More? Oct 2 ’07, Midlife and Treachery. This blogger is impatient for 11 more co-sponsors for the Restoration Act.

You can read background materials about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990; how the courts have undermined the original intent of the ADA; and how the ADA is meant to fix it at   You can also link to older blog posts about the ADA Restoration Act, both here at ReunifyGally and at other blogs around the web, at “On the ADA Restoration Act” — always available from the top navigation bar from every page of this blog. You may also wish to monitor the ADA Restoration blog for on-going updates at

If you’re looking for more simple things you can do to help get the ADA Restoration Act passed, check out <a href=””></a&gt; for ideas.


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Wow. I’m glad I found this. I had no idea. I’ll let my family and friends know to support this.

Hmn, BSL or ASL, what do you think?


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