207 and Counting, says ADA Restoration Blog

Posted on 2 October 2007. Filed under: ADA Restoration Act of 2007, Advocacy, Announcements |

207 and Counting! Oct 2 ’07, the ADA Restoration blog announces that we now have 207 co-sponsors for HR 3195 (the House version of the ADA Restoration Act) in the House. We need 218 to reach a majority so we can pass the Restoration Act in the House. Then the Restoration Act must also pass the Senate. See if your congressional represenative is one of the co-sponsors.

You can contact your legislators by using the links (and form emails) at http://www.theunderrepresented.com/blogger/2007/08/us-chamber-of-commerce-supports.html. Be sure to modify these emails to put into YOUR OWN WORDS why the ADA Restoration Act matters to you. It always boosts the power of your message when legislators see that you care enough about an issue to take a little extra time and write your own text.

You can read background materials about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990; how the courts have undermined the original intent of the ADA; and how the ADA is meant to fix it at http://www.c-c-d.org/ada.   You can also link to older blog posts about the ADA Restoration Act, both here at ReunifyGally and at other blogs around the web, at “On the ADA Restoration Act” — always available from the top navigation bar from every page of this blog. You may also wish to monitor the ADA Restoration blog for on-going updates at http://adarestoration.blogspot.com/.

If you’re looking for more simple things you can do to help get the ADA Restoration Act passed, check out http://roadtofreedom.org/cs/what_you_can_do for ideas.


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