Coming Out … as Deaf!

Posted on 29 September 2007. Filed under: Deaf Blogs, Deaf Community, Interesting web sites, International |

If you rely on Deaf Read to help you find interesting or humorous Deaf-related vlogs then you might have missed this one. Today, I discovered a funny 6-minute vlog skit, in BSL with English subtitles, about a man who comes out to his hearing mother … as a Deaf man! It’s funny because in the first 30 seconds it looks like he’s about to come out as gay. But the parrallels between the Deaf experience and the gay experience don’t stop there — it’s carried throughout the skit. And don’t miss the interesting twist at the end of the video!

I found this video by browsing through, which is where the Deaf Read editors put links to blog and vlog posts that they aren’t sure belong in Deaf Read. Sometimes interesting posts are buried there. If you think one (or more) of them belong in Deaf Read, then you can click on the “vote” box next to the link to “vote” for it; apparently they do take a second look at any post that receives enough votes. (While you’re browsing deafread/extra, those of you with an interest in human rights issues for Deaf and disabled people internationally may want to follow the link entitled “Call for papers: Conference on UN CRPD” which would take you to my other blog.)


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6 Responses to “Coming Out … as Deaf!”

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It was already mentioned a number of times on DeafRead with a post on Sept 26th:

Actually there was a post on Grumpy Old Deafies two days before Gwallgofi – check out Deafread archives. Unfortuntely Deafread failed to label it as a video.

If you look here:

Which was posted on the 24 September. I’m still waiting for a response from Deafread re their inconsistency.

Thanks to both Jared Evans and Alison for pointing this out. I admit I don’t often have time to monitor closely so I had missed the other references to the video.

I too sometimes am puzzled by deafread criteria, or their application of it. For example: most of my posts on the ADA Restoration Act have gone up on, even when I don’t necessarily refer specifically to Deaf people; but every once in a while I write a post on the exact same topic that, at least to me, doesn’t seem any different from any of my other ADA Restoration Act posts — but for some reason it’s not picked up by Meanwhile, some of my posts at my other blog on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities have been picked up by — again, despite the fact that they refer to people with disabilities generally, not narrowly or specifically to deaf people … but other CRPD-related posts were ignored. Meanwhile, a post I put up at my other blog related to blind people in Africa was picked up, even though it doesn’t refer to deaf people at all!

For the most part they do pretty well — but their occasional exceptions, in both directions, have been puzzling.

I wish they would modify their page to allow people to comment on exactly WHY they think a particular post should be included, rather than simply having people vote. I have no idea what their voting cut-off line is, but allowing comments (assuming people put forth sufficiently compelling arguments) could help “rescue” posts, like this video, that might otherwise be overlooked because too few people took the time to “vote” for it.

Alison, we’re sorry that we didn’t label it as a vlog. It’s been fixed. We try to fix these mistakes when time allows it.

Our human editors are just that- humans. They are asked to use their own judgment on which posts would be interesting to most people while staying within the guildelines. The editors have never claimed to do a perfect job but they do a great job in bringing out the posts that warrant greater attention.

There’s always the Extra if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. It’s apparent from our traffic statistics that many people are aware about the Extra section. We also allow voting on the Extra posts so that the DeafReaders can let us know if there’s a post that should be brought over to the Front page.

This is an imperfect world that we are living in but I believe that any important Deaf-related information will eventually end up on the front page of DeafRead in a timely manner.

Deafread makes money from what it does, thus should strive for better standards. Sure you’re human, but if you make the same mistake in the world of work, you get pulled up for it / accountable.

Thanks for correcting, but its late in the day / won’t make any difference. A week is a long time in cyberspace. 🙂

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