188 House Co-Sponsors for ADA Restoration Act!

Posted on 6 September 2007. Filed under: ADA Restoration Act of 2007, Advocacy |

According to the ADA Restoration Act blog, 7 more Congressional representatives become co-sponsors for the ADA Restoration Act.  The ADA Restoration Act blog says they joined probably because many advocates were busy writing letters and making phone calls to their legislators during the August recess.

This brings the total of co-sponsors up to 188.  We need to get 20 more in order to have the majority vote we need to pass the House version of the ADA Restoration Act (that’s H.R. 3195 …. the Senate version is numbered S. 1881).  Read more about the news, including a list of the 7 new co-sponsors (see if YOUR representative is on it), and what YOU can do to help, at http://adarestoration.blogspot.com/2007/09/house-co-sponsors-update.html

If you’re still confused on why the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 is one of the most important bills for the Deaf and disability communities this year, see the  nutshell primer I posted here the other day with the generous assistance of one of the people who read this blog.  Also see my list of posts by other bloggers on the ADA Restoration Act that I think might be helpful for people who are learning about it.  (If you do follow any of those links, then please please please please please come back and tell me WHICH blog posts you thought were the most helpful for you.  This feedback would help me guide other people to the best resources.

Have YOU blogged or vlogged on the ADA Restoration Act since July 26 this year?  Are you missing from even the most comprehensive version of my list of blog posts on the ADA Restoration Act?  I would like to link to you too.  Please leave a comment with the full URL for your relevant blog posts.

Most importantly: Please do blog, blog, blog (or vlog, vlog, vlog) about the ADA Restoration Act.


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