Blogging on the ADA Restoration Act: PART II

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Two days ago, I posted a list of blog posts about the Americans with Disabilities Act Restoration Act of 2007. Since then, two other bloggers have added freshly written blog entries to the blogosphere.

Just a few hours ago, a blogger who shares my first name “Andrea” posted Mitigating Measures over at “Andrea’s Buzzing About.” Her post leads with a satire of what might happen if, in order to fight against homophobia in the courts, you first had to prove that you were lesbian or bisexual.

If you’ve been reading up on the ADA Restoration Act, and the original Americans with Disabilities Act that the restoration act is meant to repair, then you know that Congress had originally intended for the courts to interpret the concept of “disability” widely in order to acknowledge that most of the “limitations” that Deaf people and people with disabilities experience are rooted not in the “disability” or “impairment” itself but in the attitudes and treatment we receive from others. But the courts have repeatedly narrowed the definition of who can be protected under the ADA to the point that many people with disabilities simply aren’t covered any more. If you’re have diabetes or epilepsy and your condition is controlled with insulin or medication, for example, the courts will say that you can’t be discriminated against–even if your employer explicitly states that they don’t want you anymore because now they know you have diabetes or epilepsy. Or if you’re hard of hearing but you can get by with a hearing aid or a captioned phone. Or if you’re Deaf and get by with the appropropiate accommodations for you. And so on. In other words, you can’t be protected unless you can prove to the courts that you are disabled enough to still be “disabled” even with accommodations.

This is the injustice that the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 (HR 3195, S 1881) is meant to address. And this is the aspect of the law that Andrea at Andrea’s Buzzing About explores in Mitigating Measures. It’s well worth reading (just click on the title “Mitigating Measures” above), whether you’re looking for a link to some of the text of the ADA Restoration Act or just looking for something thought-provoking to read.

In addition to the above, the simply entitled Ask your Legislators to Cosponsor the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 by Dennis Burbridge at Whatdoyouhearwhatdoyousay reminds readers that Congress is about to return from recess after labor day. This is the time, he says, to write to your legislators and urge them to support the ADA Restoration Act.

An excellent idea. When you do that, remember the House version of the bill (for the Congressional representative from your county or district) is HR 3195. The Senate version of the bill (for the two senators from your state) is S 1881.

If you’re looking a listing of older blog posts on the ADA Restoration Act, check out my post from two days ago entitled Blogging the ADA Restoration Act of 2007.

And those of you registered to vote in the United States: don’t forget to sign the petition. Be sure to USE THE COMMENTS AREA to add your own thoughts on why you support the ADA Restoration Act. How has the ADA failed to protect your rights? How do you hope that the ADA Restoration Act will help?

Looking for more ideas how you can help? The good news is, much of what you can do is pretty simple. Check out for a short list of ideas, including a link that can help you write that letter to your legislators. You also can keep yourself informed by following some of the links from the ADA Restoration Act blog.


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Thanks for providing this information and links regarding the ADA Restoration Act. This is critical legislation to restore protection to all people with disabilities under the ADA.

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