The Joys of Fomdi: Actually FINDING Captioned Movies

Posted on 3 June 2007. Filed under: Announcements |

Recently, I posted a rant about, among other things, how annoyingly difficult it can be simply to find information about captioned movies in the theater. Well, one of the people who posted a comment there alerted me to a resource I hadn’t known about before.

Maybe everyone else in the Deaf blogosphere have known about this for years and is now sniggering at my ignornance. But just in case:

If you’re looking for captioned movies anywhere in the United States, whether with “open” captions or with “closed” captions (meaning Rear Window captions), then go check this out:

Simply plug in your zip code, tell the computer how far you’re willing to travel to see a movie, and what date you’d like to see it. (The default tells it to search within 10 miles of the zip code you put in, but you can tell it to search as close as 5 miles or as far as 40 miles away. Technically you can search dates as far as two weeks ahead, but really one week or less seems to work best). Click search. And it’ll find all your local captioned movies for you.

This seems to be more comprehensive than print newspapers. I found three different movies that are playing today at eight different theaters within 10 miles of home. (No, I didn’t go to the movies today. But those would have been my options.) I usually have trouble finding nearly that many movies/theater locations the newspaper.

At last, I will be able to stop combing through the print newspaper trying to figure out all the different possible symbols used to indicate which movies are captioned (a different system, apparently, is used for different theaters). At last, I will be able to stop wondering if the newspaper has simply overlooked (or was not informed about) some of the accessible movies. And I can stop limiting myself to the Regal Cinema in Chinatown, Washington, DC, simply because that was the only theater I knew how to look up on-line. (No, nothing at all wrong with them. But limiting myself mostly to this one theater meant I missed other options available in the metropolitan area.)

A big THANK YOU to Tayler for alerting me to the joys of looking up captioned movies on Fomdi.

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6 Responses to “The Joys of Fomdi: Actually FINDING Captioned Movies”

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Tayler comes up with nifty ideas! 🙂

Thank YOU, whoever you are, for mentioning Fomdi 🙂

Andrea, why do you think I have Fomdi on my blogsite?

I loved it. It beats anything else, really!


If you are referring to movies in theatres, try this site too:

You can find movies that are being captioned, and all the theatres that have the Mopix captioning system!

(PLUG: including ours at

My friends and I haven’t had much luck with Fomdi. Rarely has all the correct info and often displays nothing for our area, even thought there is a lot being shown.
I’m not impressed at all.

I agree with Christine. It stinks big time. Alot of theaters are often not displayed. BUT deafdc has some great info, although they dont venture into the Balt area.

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