ReunifyGally’s New Appearance

Posted on 13 January 2007. Filed under: Meta Discussion |

I don’t know how many of the 6 thousand-plus hits I’ve gotten so far are regular readers who keep coming back and how many are people who pop in to read one post and then disappear. But if you’re one of my (probably few) on-going readers, then you might have noticed that I did a little playing around with the settings on my web site recently. Or at least, you might notice this if you ever come directly to the main page for ReunifyGally rather than directly to one of my individual posts.

If you don’t see what I’m talking about, then go to and look at the right hand side of the page.

On the right hand side of this page, I now have the following features, in this order: Pages (which links to a few permanent pages on “About ReunifyGally” and three more written for people who are interested in being a guest blogger at my site); a list of “Recent Posts”; another list of “Top Posts” (for the most popular posts of the past … week? month? I’m not sure what criteria WordPress uses); Recent comments (I added this so that people who add a comment to an old thread can have some hope that their comment will be actually read by someone other than me); Categories (for topics I commonly raise in this blog); Archives; Blogroll; and even a search engine for this site.

I discovered the search engine feature at, I think, a good time: this blog site is still very small, but it is just starting to have enough posts that a search engine might be helpful if every anyone wants to look for something specific.

Feel free to comment. Or not, as you like.


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2 Responses to “ReunifyGally’s New Appearance”

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Hm. All I see here is the default Kubrick theme…

BEG, did you go to the MAIN page (at Because if you just came to this individual post directly from somewhere else then, yah, WordPress doesn’t seem to show all the stuff that’s supposed to go onto the right hand side of the page (dunno why). But it shows (at least for me) if you go to and not to any one specific post.

Let me know if it still doesn’t show and I’ll see if I can stir up tech support or something (I haven’t yet tried communicating with a live person at WordPress so dunno how that works but I can find out! I should probably ask someone why it doesn’t show for individual posts in any case …)


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