Feb 3 ’07, 9 to 5: Blogs, Vlogs, and the Future of Gallaudet

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By now, most of you have already seen multiple copies of this announcement, but just in case anyone has missed it.

Some people seem to perceive this as a general “deaf blogging/vlogging” conference. It’s not meant to be. As I understand it (and I’ve asked Jill Bradbury to let me know of anything I write on her conference that should be corrected or clarified), this is meant to be a conference on the future of Gallaudet, with an emphasis on the role blogging and vlogging have been playing in influencing that future and the dialogue about Gallaudet. In my next post at reunifygally, I will post a clarification that Jill Bradbury has written about the purpose of the conference and the logic that went into choosing who would be invited to participate as panelists.

Jill Bradbury will presumably use her new blog at http://ccigally.info/ to post any follow-ups to the conference announcement below.

Vlogging/Blogging the Future of Gallaudet
Start: Feb 3 2007 – 9:00am
End: Feb 3 2007 – 5:00pm
This conference will be held February 3 at Gallaudet (9 am – 5 pm, location tba)
Organized by the Coalition for Critical Inquiry

Internet communication played a major role during the recent protests at Gallaudet, even catching the attention of media analysts outside the deaf community. Vlogs and blogs were used heavily to share information, publicize fast-breaking news, and debate events and issues. Popular websites generated unprecedented traffic levels and several crashed during the arrests as thousands of people sought live updates from bloggers on the scene. Other sites hosted lengthy discussions about the protest, with people from all corners of the deaf world coming together in sometimes respectful, sometimes raucous debates. What changes will come to Gallaudet as a result of these discussions? How is vlogging/blogging impacting the deaf community? How will new communication technology continue to change the shape of our world?

This one-day conference, organized by the Coalition for Critical Inquiry, will explore these and other questions. Noted deaf vloggers/bloggers will share their experiences and ideas about how Gallaudet and the deaf community should move forward after the protests. Participants have been selected based on quality of previous posts about the protests and represent diverse perspectives in the deaf community. The conference is open to the public and will be available online via realtime captioning. Voice and ASL interpreters will be provided.

The Coalition for Critical Inquiry provides public forums for objective debate and critical reflection on controversial issues affecting Gallaudet’s future. Membership is open to students, faculty, staff, and teachers. Its goal is to model intellectual dialogue, respect for diverse viewpoints, and commitment to social justice for the Gallaudet and larger deaf community. All events organized by the coalition are committed to presenting a range of perspectves to help members of the community come to informed opinions and decisions.

For more information about the conference or the Coalition, contact Jill.Bradbury@gallaudet.edu


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