Civil Discourse on the Protests: The Coalition for Critical Inquiry

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ReunifyGally isn’t alone. If you believe in the power of blogs and vlogs to promote thoughtful, respectful dialogue related to the Unity for Gallaudet protests, then check out the new blog by Jill Bradbury, Coalition for Critical Inquiry, at: (For a summary of what the Coalition for Critical Inquiry is about, see

She doesn’t have much at her web site yet, but I hope that will eventually change. I think she has the right concept. If she continues to expand upon it, then her blog could become a very helpful addition to the deaf blogsphere. There aren’t yet quite enough blogs that focus on issues related to reunifying the Gallaudet community.

The, of course, performs a valuable service in that they have posted many essays by a diverse group of authors on various issues related to the protests and Gallaudet in general. And what makes them valuable is not only that they allow a forum for authors to present thought-provoking ideas and perspectives, but also that they seem to tolerate comments from a diverse range of readers on all sides of the protests. And it is also far more popular than Jill’s site and mine put together, so anything posted there gets far more attention–and far more discussion.

One reader of ReunifyGally also mentions two other blog sites that “welcome diversity” and “respect others”: Sandman’s Sandbox and moi: both largely supported the protests but don’t put down people who think differently.

But even a blog site like DeafDC that strives to publish essays from a wide range of authors can’t possibly cover every issue relating to the protests that needs to be addressed in the Gallaudet community. And, of course, my own, very small blog site run by someone with many competing commitments (my very busy job; and in a week, my next class at George Washington University; and, of course, my sweetie) can’t cover all the issues either. That’s why I’m pleased to see Jill’s attempt to promote dialogue. In particular, she’s the person behind the new conference everyone has been reading about that will be happening on Feb 3, 2007 (a Satuarday) from 9 to 5 at Gallaudet University: “Vlogging/Blogging the future of Gallaudet“.

In most of the discussion I’ve seen about this conference in other sites, there seems to be some confusion about the goals of this conference. Some bloggers and blog-readers seem to assume that this is meant to be a general “Deaf bloggers'” conference, and are accordingly disappointed (or, in some cases, very glad) that certain major deaf bloggers are not among the panelists. But it’s not about deaf blogging or vlogging in general. It’s really focused on the future of the GALLAUDET COMMUNITY, how it can move forward after the protests, and the role of vlogs/blogs in the future of the Gallaudet community.

Kokonut Plundits has posted a letter from Jill Bradbury clarifying the purpose of the upcoming Gallaudet conference and why certain deaf bloggers/vloggers were invited and others were not:

Greetings to Jill Bradbury. I’ll try to attend your conference, schedule permitting. I hope your conference accomplishes everything you intend for it to.

[Want to submit your own essay for publication at Reunify Gally? It should be related in some way to reunifying or healing the Gallaudet community in the aftermath of the protests. If interested, review my Guidelines for Guest Bloggers and submit your essay to ashettle (at)]


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