Reunify Gally’s First Guest Blogger!

Posted on 17 November 2006. Filed under: Guest Bloggers, Reunifying Gally |

I woke up this morning to find the essay below waiting for me in my email. I wasn’t clear whether the author wants to be identified or not, so I’ll let him identify himself in the comment section if he wishes to do so. Please enjoy–and comment!


Gallaudet University is the community of Deaf scholars. Professors are skilled in preparing academic tables for the students to sample material that requires critical thinking and critical writing. We watch them and see higher learning happen.

Deafness, whether total or only partial, creates many barriers to information, knowledge and communication. Each Deaf person knows which method of acquiring information, gaining knowledge, and maintaining communication is best because of a lifetime struggle that his or her deafness imposes. These skills is so individualistic they can be compared playing a piano, dancing to music and standing up on a surfboard.

Teaching Deaf scholars is a very special vocation in which one is comfortable with the art of learning, with the ever-changing world, and with ASL. Professors are innovative in their scholarly forte so that their students are well prepared for the future. As long as these scholars are Deaf, ASL is to flourish along with the English language.

Gallaudet University began in 1864 when the United States was torn by the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln must have received many reports from military units about soldiers who lost abilities to hear due to loud rifles and canons that were close to their ears. He became very much humanitarian when Edward Miner Gallaudet approached him with a proposal to start higher learning and teaching for all the Deaf in the future.

At Gallaudet University we continue to belong to the future of all the Deaf.


Of course, any further essay submissions related in some way to reunification/healing/reconciliation at Gallaudet continue to be welcome at ashettle (at)


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I am the author of this entry.

Maintaining communication, not maintain communication. Some editing. I am never satsified with my own writing!

Gag me O.K. Carl!!

Okay, Gallaudet is the community of Deaf scholars. So then why on Earth the faculty representation in elective bodies so low? For example, there is only 2 faculties on the IPSEC, Jane Dillehay and Jeff Lewis, out of 14 people. That is as low as 14%.

Or 2 from 15 is 13%…

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